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[This is an article typed from Computer Retail News (UK) Dated Monday 24th
April 1995. - Jason]

                            Commodore End In Sight

Commodore UK's directors have warned they willput the company into
liquidation at the end of May unless a buyer is found for subsidiary's
stricken parent.

Davd Pleasance and Colin Proudfoot warn in accounts filed at Companies
House that the business can only survive until the end of May.  The
accounts, for the year ending 30 June 1993, were filed last month.

Independent retailers were hoping last week for a Commodore UK victory in
the New York bancruptcy court's auction of the remaining Commodore group

John Arundell, group marketing controller of Commodore UK distributer SDL,
said: "We'd like David Pleasance to get it - we beleive he's committed to
the product."