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CONSULTRON                              For Immediate Release
8959 Ridge Rd                           February 23, 1995
Plymouth, MI  48170
(313) 459-7271 Voice/FAX

                           Product Upgrade

                   We've Improved Upon the Best ...
                 CrossDOS (TM) Version 6 Professional

Plymouth, MI, USA -- CONSULTRON has announced that it will be shipping
CrossDOS (TM) Version 6 Professional on April 3, 1995.  CrossDOS has been
enhanced to better support MS-DOS formatted floppies and hard disks.
Here's a quick list of our ``New and Improved'' features:

Faster Floppy Access
    We've  completely rewrote the floppy device driver (mfm.device) to
    speed up reads and writes approximately two times.

Faster Hard Disk Writes
    We've  optimized CrossDOS disk caching and disk access routines to
    speed up writes to MS-DOS hard disks approximately ten times.

Partition MS-DOS Hard Drives
    Using  our  QuickPrep utility, you can create a `true' MS-DOS hard
    disk partition entirely on your Amiga.  You are no longer required
    to preformat the disk on an MS-DOS computer first.

Read and Write MS-DOS Disk Images in Files
    CrossDOS  now supports Bridgeboard MakeAB and JLink files, PC-Task
    hardfiles and AtOnce/GoldenGate diskfiles.

Network Compatible
    We've improved CrossDOS to be compatible with most Amiga networks.

Improved Hard Disk Configuration and Diagnostic Utilities
    We've  made  substantial  enhancements  to many CrossDOS utilities
    including the hard disk configuration and diagnostic programs.

Full-time Technical Support
    We  still  provide  full-time  technical support for our products.
    Tech  support is available Monday through Friday between the hours
    of 10 AM and 6 PM EST.

Runs on any Amiga
    CrossDOS  will  run  on  any  Amiga with 512K or more of RAM using
    AmigaDOS 2.0 or higher.

Availability and Pricing
    CrossDOS  are  scheduled  to  be  available  April  3,  1995.  The
    suggested list price is:

    CrossDOS  Version  6  Professional  should  be available from most
    Amiga  software  retailers  or  directly  from CONSULTRON (include
    $5.00  S&H  for  USA and Canada or $10.00 S&H elsewhere).  (We now
    support Visa and MasterCard.)

``Same-day'' Delivery Service
    For  qualified  credit card customers, we can provide ``same-day''
    delivery on our software products.  Call for details.

CrossDOS Upgrade Policy
    CrossDOS  owner upgrades from previous versions are available from
    CONSULTRON  only.   To  qualify, you must be preregistered with us
    and  your cost is $15.00 plus shipping and handling ($5.00 S&H for
    USA and Canada or $10.00 S&H elsewhere).

High-density drives for sale:
    To  further  support  our customers, we have purchased a supply of
    Amiga  compatible  high-density  drives  in  both the internal and
    external  models.   This is the original Chinon drive designed for
    Commodore  to  support the 1.44M formatted MS-DOS disks.  Call for
    pricing.  (While supplies last).

Please  Note:  CrossPC is no longer bundled with CrossDOS and has been
discontinued.  CrossDOS is a trademark of CONSULTRON.