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Thu Apr 27 15:35 1995 - Creative Equipment Int.

Dear CEI Dealer:

We have been bombarded with numerous questions during the past few days. 
The following attempts to answer the majority of concerns which have been

What is Escom going to do?  CEI is not in the position to speak for Escom,
nor do we want to imply that we know what their intentions are.  We can
tell you Escom is a large German concern thay is very savy when it comes to
business.  With this said, it is a fact that there exists a demand for
Amigas.  Based on this, we would expect Escom to produce sufficent Amigas
to meet market demands.  As far as developing the technology forward, we
don't have enough information to make a reasonable determination.  In an
interview Escom representatives stated "...they plan to develop Apple
compatible machines utilizing the Commodore trademarks.  They planned on
building Amigas in China.  and bringing back the Commodore 64...".

When will machines be available again?  If the purchaser had been moving
forward with production plans, Amigas can be back in the market in 45-60
days.  If they are just started to look into production it is going to take
3 to 5 months.

What is CEI's role?  CEI is interested in licensing the Amiga technology to
develop new more powerful Amigas.  CEI will be aggressively marketing,
supporting, and distributing the Amiga and Amiga products.

What if Escom does not manufacture Amiga and is not willing to license the
technology?  CEI has been working on contingency plans.  If these plans are
put into effect, our dealer base will be immediatly notified.  Our
expectations are that Escom will bring back the Amiga.

Are you goingto abandon the Amiga because you lost?  NO, we are obvoisly
very disappointed.  We got closer than we imagined.  We beleive in the
Amiga, the technology, the dealers and the market.  We are extremely happy
that this long episode is over.  We made a commitment to support whomever
won the technology.  Now the real work must start.

Will CEI be moving to other platforms?  NO, we have made a long term
commitment to the Amiga business.  In the past we have carried products
that are multiplatform based (Fargo,DPS,Prime Image, etc).  We will
continue with this stratagy.

What can you tell us about the DELL/CEI connection?  At this time, not
much.  CEI and DELL found a lot of common ground to work together.  Even
though we were not successful with the acquisition of Commodore a lot of
joint interest areas are being exploded.  As things materialize we will
keep you up to date.

When are we going to receive terms?  As we mentioned, there are going to be
a large number of announcements within the next few weeks (we even have a
few suprises up our sleeves).  All CEI dealers will be receiving new dealer
contracts, credit applications, and P.O.S.  materials shortly.  To
participate it is important for all dealers to complete the paperwork and
submit it to us.

Does Escom own Commodore?  Technically speaking no.  It is going to take a
couple of days to transfer the assets and sign all the paperwork but in
actuality it is a done deal.

Even though there remains a lot of questions to be answered, we are happy
that this epsidode (Yes Martha, it really does say EPSIDODE!) in the long
ordeal is over.  The stage is now set to begin moving forward again.  We
are excited with the possibilities and look towards expanding our
relationship with you.