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To continue to story about Total Computer Supplies and WTS Electronics (re:
the pirated ROM chip.) According to Amiga Computing Magazine, apparently
they have both been raided at the start of March by Bedfordshire Fraud
Squad in reference to their bad trading methods, the detective constable
pretty much in charge of the operation suspects the two companies are
somehow involved.  I gather TCS are still traiding - it might be worth
telling your UK readers about these companies, I gather some folk are still
waiting for Xmas orders and are only now begining to enquire.

On the phone, they obviously don't give out any clues to their current
situation, and occasionally down-right lies.  Just after the 1st of March,
during a phone call, they informed me they had a problem with their
documentation and couldn't trace orders because all their computer
equipment holding the information had just been stollen - interesting way
of describing "we've been raided by the police who currently have all our
trading records." It might help readers who have placed orders and are
still waiting for fulfillment to know the truth of the situation.

  Julie (