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   LIGHT-ROM 2 is now shipping!  All contributor copies have now been sent.
Everyone in the U.S.  should receive their copies by no later than April
25th.  Canadian & Overseas contributors should have their copies around 2
weeks later.  If you are an overseas contributor & you do not have your
copy by the end of May, PLEASE contact me.


   LIGHT-ROM 2 has around 350 megs of new data.  It is 100% Lightwave and
Toaster material.  There are around 3,700 Lightwave objects.  There is a
new collection of Textures, Images and Animation Maps.  As usual,
everything has a thumbnail rendering.  The thumbnail renderings are much
easier to access thanks to user suggestions!  The Thumbnails are now in
their own directories & are much easier to access.  The Showcase directory
was a very pleasant surprise this time with all the new contributions from
all over the world.

   Thanks to everyone who has made LIGHT-ROM a success.  The feedback I
have received has been extremely gratifying for me.  I always believed that
there was a need for LIGHT-ROM.  LIGHT-ROM lists for $39.95 and is already
available from Amiga Library Services and your usual mail order & dealer
outlets.  LIGHT-ROM is a multiplatform CD ROM and can be used on all
versions of Lightwave.  I have not had the opportunity to try it on any of
the other flavors of Lightwave, but everything is cross platform

   Contrary to the May VTU review of the first LIGHT-ROM's textures by R. 
Shamms Mortier, I am the author of LIGHT-ROM.  A correction and an apology
will be printed in a future issue.  LIGHT-ROM is a registered trademark of
my company, Graphic Detail.

   Thanks again for your support!

   Michael Meshew
   Graphic Detail
   4556 South Third Street
   Louisville, Ky. 40214   USA