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From: (Carl Butler)
Subject: Amosaic

April 14, 1995
St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

Dear Jason,

This is a follow-up on my letter of April 4th.  I have found and downloaded
MUI23usr.lha (thank you for your directions to the correct directory).

While cruising I found a file by Christopher Cobb called CobbWeb1.lha.  It
is an installer file for AmiTCP/Mosaic.

The script is supposed to help you install AmiTCP and Mosaic.

It requires the following archive files to be in the install- ation

PPP1_30.lha               by Holger Kruse
PPP1_30reg.lha            by Holger Kruse
AmiTCP-demo-40.lha        by NDSi
mui23usr.lha              by Stephan Stuntz
Mosaic1.2AmiTCP.lha       by Fischer, Witbrock & Meyer
Mosaic1.3betaAmiTCP.lha   by Sischer, Witbrock & Meyer
ZGIFDtype39.9.lha         by Michael Zucchi
ams.lha                   by David Junod
edplay.lha                by Ed

The PP1 and Mosaic versions he doesn't say whether you need either or both
of them.  (I found both versions of each) I have also found AmiTCP-demo-40.

Have not found ams.lha and edplay.lha.  ZGIFDtypes was also elusive.  I did
find an older version in OS30/datatypes drawer.  (V39.7)
I found EdPlyr21.lha by Ed and I have a message in to Mr Cobb to see if
what I have accumulated is ok.
It seems like each version of "How To Get Up and Running With Mosaic" has
its own crop of files needed.
So far I have not been able to accumulate the needed files for: 
1.    Harv Laser's March 1995 AmigaWorld article..
2.    Tim Walsh's Prime Time PD - Amiga World April 1995
3.    Christopher Cobb's CobbWeb1.lha

Each article names different groups of files.

Can anyone tell me (or we the ar readers) what direction to go?  I assume
some of the articles are dated so what is the most up to date way to go?
Has anyone had any luck wit CobbWeb?


Carl Butler : internet address

PS:  Any word on the Commodore liquidation ??

[Read Amiga Report's Buyout Issue. :) - Jason]

                            --- --- --- --- ---

Does anyone know about connecting up new SCSI devices to the back of the
SCSI connector on the back of GVP Impact Series II A500-HD+ hard-drives?

My boyfriend has recently purchased a new NEC quad speed SCSI-2 drive (NEC
4xe) that he is using on his PC.  It is an external unit and hence has its
own power supply etc, easy to play with switches for termination, SCSI-1,
SCSI-ID, etc.  It comes with a cable that ends in a 25-way D male plug,
that it indicates plugs into standard PC SCSI cards and Macs (although I
guess its feasibly possible that different leads are shipped for units
intended for PCs or Macs.)

The lead can physically plug into the back of the GVP unit without problems
- the GVP documentation indicates that the connector is Macintosh device

Can I just plug the thing straight in, use the switch that "degrades" it to
a SCSI-1 device, and go (I've already configured and installed relevant
drivers and me and my boyfriend configured the CD-ROM to a SCSI-ID that we
can both use.) Would this lead be the right lead?


  Julie (