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==  compt.sys.editor.desk                          By:  Jason Compton   ==

Well, ok, I guess I was a BIT rough on Escom.

Since the Auction issue, Escom has dropped a few press releases on the
world, stating their intent to keep making 1200/4000/600s and continue the
development of the Amiga.  We haven't seen anything concrete, but that's
to be expected.

As far as news goes: as of this writing, I cannot confirm that the Bahamas
Supreme Court has acted on the Commodore deal.  I spoke with someone who
claims to have contacted Letitia Hansen (my lawyer contact) who informed
him that the Supreme Court had indeed accepted the deal.

IF that's the case, that means that all is left is for Escom to close the
deal by paying in full, which they would have 20 working days from
acceptance to do.

In the meantime, the fallout from Alex Amor and David Pleasance/Colin
Proudfoot can be read later in the magazine, along with the few releases
we've been able to get from Escom.

As far as contacting Escom goes: so far, there is no "official" place to
contact Escom about Commodore.  You can find some Escom numbers in the
transcript of the post-auction conference, and it certainly wouldn't hurt
to call them and show that we care, but it may not get you far.  Reports
indicate that there are some secretaries getting flustered with Amiga
questions they can't answer...

I'm trying to get a solid contact in the Escom organization.  You'll know
when I do, I'll have a lot more to say. :)

Speaking of a lot to apologies to Cloanto, Thomas Dorn, and Todd
Sprague, whose products (PPaint 6.1, XiPaint 3.1, and QuickText,
respectively) should have been reviewed for this issue.  But I have been
EXTREMELY busy with post-auction business...

At any rate, enjoy.  See you in a couple of weeks...


P.S.  Late-breaking news...

#1.  Conference with Chris Hames and Justin Deeley of Quasar Distribution
(publisher of PC-Task 3 and DirWork 2) on IRC-
Sunday, May 28, 1995 at 10:30 PM CET/4:30 PM Eastern US time
(Monday, May 29, 1995 at 7:30 AM for those in the Melbourne area)

#2.  Walnut Creek ( no longer carries Aminet.