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                           By:  Jason Compton 

Just released, the Best of the Amiga Scene CD provides a way for Amiga
users to "take the music with them"...18 quality MODs placed on audio CD.

Rather well done, too-the production was done almost entirely with Amiga
equipment (including a 3000/040 with 110 megs of RAM.  Why don't magazines
have machines like that?), including piping through a Sunrise 16 card to
reduce some of the limitations of the 8-bit MOD format.

The cover was rendered on an Amiga as know, the Juggler, a few
Boing balls, and the like.  Nice job.

But, what's the selection like, you ask?

Pretty good, overall.  The inside jacket expresses their regret over not
being able to include a larger selection of artists...which I would feel
ok about, if they didn't give a few artists double-coverage.  That DOES
tend to reduce the amount you can cover...

They run the gamut from fast to slow, although none of them fall into the
"heavy techno" quality.  One sounds a bit like it was taken from 64 music
(or was written for easy portability to the 64, since I know I've heard it
before), but I can't complain too much.

Reknown artists such as 4-Mat and Joegir Liljedahl grace the
my knowledge, all of the artists were either contacted for permission or
do not have restrictions on their music's use.  At least, I hope so, for
the producer's sake.

If I had put together this CD, I would have of course done it differently.
But at a price of about US$14, for 74 minutes of play, it's a good value.
And it's dedicated to Jay can you go wrong?

Contact the producer, Fredrik Elmqvist-