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                        REVIEW: THE LIGHT WORKS CD
                           By:  Jason Compton 

In the wake of the Light-ROM CD and the impending Light-ROM 2 CD comes The
Light Works, a compilation of those things rendered and renderable.

More specifically, the collection is primarily the work of Tobias Richter,
famous for his Star Trek renders and his highly playable Shareware Star
Trek game.

The disc is comprised of a great number of prerendered scenes and
animations, as well as objects in Cinema4D, Reflections, and Imagine
(sorry, Lightwave users.)  To facilitate dabblers, demo versions of
Cinema4D and Reflections are included.

The collection is almost exclusively Science Fiction-oriented, which is
one of the things that sets it apart from Light-ROM.  The organization
seems to be a bit better, designed to make the animations and pictures
clearly defined away from the objects themselves.  The mere inclusion of
the animations also distinguishes it...and let me tell you, even the HAM-6
animations are gorgeous.

For a renderfiend who's looking for good source material, this could be an
excellent choice.  As an artistic collection, I'd suggest a second thought
or two, since the disc is priced at 79 DM (US$61)...this surprised me, as
Stefan Ossowski's Schatztruhe has established itself in my mind as a
source for very low-priced CDs (the Meeting Pearls and original Aminet
Share CDs were brought in at 19 DM, or about US$13-admittedly, they
reflected no profit for the authors, but still...)  Either the Schatztruhe
believes that Richter's work is worth a pretty penny, or Richter himself

I don't think you'd be disappointed with the content.  But with Light-ROM
a notch or two cheaper, you may want to think twice if your needs are not
exclusively sci-fi.

Published by
Stefan Osowski's Schatztruhe
D-45131 Essen

North American Distribution:
Amiga Library Services