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                      REVIEW: THE BEAUTY OF CHAOS CD
                           By:  Jason Compton 

Ah, fractals.  To some, fascinating mathematical phenomena.  To others,
pretty pictures.  To still others, bizarre looking items that aren't
really deserving of their own dedicated CD.

I'm somewhere between two and three, personally.  But Uwe Kruger and Heinz
Wolf are strong blends of one and two.  They've compiled a CD-ROM full of
507 fractals from the Mandelbrot set, complete with the formula used for
each.  Every fractal is rendered in three resolutions (640x400, 1024x768,
and 1140x890), all 256 color GIFs.  In addition, 20 of their favorites are
packaged as 24-bit TIFFs.

The CD comes with considerable background information on fractals,
including the theory behind their existance and the method used to
generate them, not to mention the triple-platform viewers on the disc.

So, you're certainly not left in the dark as to why they're there or what
you should do with them-view them, silly!  And I must admit, quite a few
of them are neat.

Still, it's going to take a certain kind of person to WANT a disc full of
507 fractals.  The price won't make you run in terror (29.8 DM or US$23)'s just going to be a matter of whether or not you think 507
fractals will look good in your CD rack.

An excellent investment and compilation, for the sort of people who's
boats will be floated.

Published by
Stefan Osowski's Schatztruhe
D-45131 Essen

North American Distribution:
Amiga Library Services