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                           REVIEW: AMINET CD 5
                           By:  Jason Compton 

It is somewhat ironic, and in other ways a sign of the times.

Aminet, the worldwide repository of freely distributable Amiga software,
continues to grow-in fact, its pace is ever increasing.

For a "dead" machine, that's interesting.  On the one hand, it goes
against what should be the logical flow-with a stagnant market, software
circulation and development should decrease.  Of course, on the other
hand, it reflects a shift in Amiga business-as-usual: now that full-blown
companies find it difficult to justify financial investment in the Amiga,
it falls to the developers to distribute the product as they see fit, and
say what you will about shareware, but at least you don't have to pay to
have boxes made and manuals printed.

Anyway, the point of all this is that the Aminet CD-ROM series has done
well enough that it's become a quarterly phenomenon and been turned into a
comprehensive (at the time of the capture, anyway) four-disc Aminet Set

Aminet CD 5 just continues the fine tradition.  Nothing major has
changed-the intuitive AmigaGuide interface is still present to guide you
through the contents.  The theme of this disc is games, and roughly 1000
are present.

Over 400 megs on this CD are new since the release of Aminet CD 4, and
over 200 from the release of Aminet Set 1.  So, unless you've got a large
hard drive and lots of time to FTP, this is the most efficient way to get
a hold of all of it.

The only major change this disc represents is the end of the "Share" vs.
"Gold" concept.  Chalk it up as an experiment that resulted in failure, as
only a tiny portion of the Share buyers sent in the recommended
contribution (or any contribution, for that matter.)  So this and future
CDs until further notice will be priced at 25 DM (approx. US$19).  Not bad
at all.

Aminet and the CD series have established themselves as the clear #1
source of freely redistributable software, and show no signs of slowing-in
fact, Urban Mueller, the chief Aminet administrator, has indicated that
serious consideration is being given to making the series bimonthly,
rather than the 3-4 month intervals being observed presently.

Sadly, Aminet 5 still does not contain the entire Amiga Report archive.
However, I'm told Aminet 6 will.  Stay tuned...

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