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World Wide Web Gaming Environment Offers Cash Prizes

NEW YORK, April 5 -- Interactive Imaginations Inc., the New York-based
interactive entertainment company, today launched Riddler, the first
interactive gaming environment on the Internet to offer cash prizes to
players.  Riddler can be accessed on the World Wide Web at

Riddler combines elements of trivia, scavenger hunts and an online road
rallye through the Web to present an interactive gaming format unique to
the medium.  Each game begins with the posting of a riddle and a prize of
$500 for the first to solve it.  Although players may attempt to solve the
riddle immediately, it is likely that they will need the additional clues
that they can earn -- by playing trivia and finding secret keywords hidden
on other Web pages -- as they progress through the game.

The Riddler Home Page also provides players with the opportunity to compete
for cash prizes in two additional contests.  Crispy Challenge™ is a daily
puzzle with a $100 prize.  The Tortoise and the Hare is an ongoing contest,
offering a $1,000 prize to the first player to accumulate 25,000 points.
Points are awarded both for winning games and for progress through Riddler.

Although players must fill out a registration form and verify that they are
18 years old, Riddler is sponsor-supported and there are no registration,
membership or hourly charges.

Announcing the launch, Interactive Imaginations president Michael Paolucci,
said, "Our vision is to become the preeminent entertainment company
programming for the World Wide Web.  That means providing the consumer with
more than just an entertaining page, and a lot more than the vicarious
involvement they have with game show contestants on television.

"Riddler is fun, challenging and very much in tune with the culture and
ethic of the Web.  And, every player has a real chance to win considerable
prize money."

Riddler's $500 opening prize is increased by $100 every day for the next
five days that the riddle remains unsolved.  On the seventh day, the prize
is increased by an additional $500, for a total of $1,500.  If the riddle
remains unsolved after a week, a new riddle is posted and the unclaimed
prize money rolls over to become the opening prize in the new game.

Players seeking clues to help them solve Riddler select a trivia category
-- such as music, movies, science or famous ad slogans -- which links them
to a sponsor's web page where a Riddler icon is located.  Clicking on the
icon takes the player to a round of four trivia questions in the selected
category.  For each correct answer, the player will receive a hint that
points to a page out on the Web where a keyword is hidden.  Keywords can be
exchanged for clues to the riddle.  There are four rounds of successively
more difficult trivia questions -- and four keywords hidden out on the Web
-- in each game of Riddler.

"Feedback from our recent beta tests," said Paolucci, "told us that players
not only enjoyed the challenge, but really liked the fact that the game
plays out on a variety of Web sites -- it gave them the opportunity to
explore the Web and search out new and interesting sites as they attempted
to solve the riddles."

If Riddler is solved within a week, the game continues for another 24-hours
so that players can continue to amass points towards the 25,000 point goal
of The Tortoise and the Hare.

"With the convergence of entertainment technologies and the rapid
development of increasingly sophisticated interactive multimedia
capabilities on the Internet," said Paolucci, "we believe that the personal
computer can emerge as the hardware choice for consumer entertainment.  The
determining factor will be entertainment programming.  Interactive
Imaginations' goal is to create the kind of unique programming on the Web
that has real entertainment value for the consumer."

        Voice:          Peggy Berk @ 212-779-7240