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==                             Reader Mail                               ==

From: (Donald H. Feldbruegge)
Subject: Latest_Issue_AR

Well, I just got ar306 last Friday.  The news isn't good is it.  I was
disappointed to read that Amiga World has ceased publication.  It isn't so
much (or only) that I have over a year remaining on my subscription.  The
more important aspect is that one more source of information has been lost.
I know that I have Amiga Report for news and reviews -- AND I THANK YOU FOR
THAT.  What I don't have is the tutorials and hints that a hard copy
magazine does so much better.  Ideas for the best way to create things with
"Helm", or to use some of the DTP features of FinalWriter.  I also had
always looked forward to some of the regular columns and to some of the
reader feedback and questions.  I can only hope that Amazing Computing
sticks it out.  They have always had some of the better tutorials, at any

The good news is that you are starting a new AR Tech magazine.  Thank you,
thank you, thank you.  I am not sure how much of it will be useful to me,
but I guess that I am going to rapidly learn to become more self sufficient
these days.  If AR Tech is nearly as good as AR, I am certain that I will
enjoy it and use it.  This does bring up a question.  Are all of you guys
(no gender implied) just doing this out of a love for the Amiga and the
Amigaphile community out here?  How can we (I) help to support you?  It
just doesn't seem fair to see all the work that you are putting into AR,
with no reward that I am aware of.  Well, if nothing else, I surely do want
to say how much I appreciate it.

I haven't made up my mind if I am happy or sad about the new information
about the liquidation proceedings.  I'm happy to hear that they really have
decided to have a sale (however, I'll believe it when it happens).  I'm
saddened to read that it is STILL several weeks off.  Good Lord, it is
rapidly approaching a year now.  The suppporters are dropping like flies,
eg Amiga World.  What will there be left to sell?  It seems to me that the
only thing there was 6 months ago were a lot of dedicated users,
developers, and sales/service people.  This has eroded rapidly, and every
week sees less developers and service people.  Trying to look at this
objectively, I am surprised to see that anybody is still even willing to
bid.  By the way, who (or what) is Escom?  What are their plans for the
Amiga?  Does anybody know anything?

I have a (another) question.  Has anybody looked at or reviewed or said
anything at all about this A2200A that "Computer Answers" in Canada is
selling?  My old A2000 is getting old (hmm, I think that was a double
negative or something) and it does get a lot of use.  I don't know how much
longer it (and especially the 1084S) can last, and repair service has
become a pretty scarce item around here.  I am starting to doubt that there
ever will be a new owner, and so beginning to think of ways to keep going
for as long as possible.  If the A2200A were to be a good alternative, I
might start getting my $$ together to purchase it.  If that A2200A isn't
any good, what is a good way to have a 1084S repaired and/or is there a
good way to use a different monitor?  Are there still any flicker fixers
still out there for sale?  Sure wish now that I'd bought a 1942 when they
first came out.

Well, I believe that I have said/asked enough, so will close.  Again, a
great big thank you for AR and for the upcoming AR Tech.  It is truly a big
service to all of the Amiga community.

Don Feldbruegge

  -Just as an aside, a Usenetter claims he has a letter from Computer
  Answer's bankruptcy the A2200 may be a dead issue.

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From: Ken Woodward/Newcastle/Computer Systems Australia/AU
Subject: AR is great

Just a small note to thank you for the great Amiga Report.  It is refeshing
to get information on the current situation of Commodore, plus news and
reveiws from around the globe.  Keep it up.  Being stuck down the bottom
end of the world (OZ), we hardly get to know what is happening up there.

Is there any more likelyhood of a quick return of the Amiga?  What is it
like in the USA, Amiga wise.  Are many people still supporting it, or are
you worse than us?

Thanks for the time.  Keep up the great magazine.

   -Hmmm.  Hard to say.  It's not exactly a fun time in the US, but
   mail-order support is enough to get by on, and there are still some
   significantly large dealers (thankfully, one in my area).  But we'll
   need an event fairly soon to keep interest up.