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     Martin Pfingstl


     ChaosPro is a fractal generating and exploring program.

     - It is able to transform the 2D images into the third dimension
       to get nice looking fractal mountains or valleys.

     - The fractal pictures can be saved in 24 bit. If you choose the
       right parameters, you get stunning pictures with lots of

     - Animations can be created, such as a 3D fly into the M-Set.
       The animations are saved in AnimOpt5 format, and can therefore
       be played with your favorite anim program.

     Of course the program has:
     - Arexx Port

     - ...contexts ensitive Online Help

     - font sensitive

     - ...multi-level-undo/redo for the various parameters,

     - ...several fractal types such as Julia set, Mandelbrot set,
       Bifurcation diagrams, Brownian Motion, Lyapunov Space, Dynamic
       Systems and a formula editor for creating your own Julia- and
       Mandelbrot sets.

     ChaosPro should run on all graphics cards with an intuition
     emulator; it doesn't use hacks (as far as I know).

     What makes it different from the competitors?

     There are many other fractal programs out there, like FractInt
     and Mand2000: ChaosPro is ment to combine the power of FractInt
     with the well known features of Mand2000 like Multiwindowing
     (several fractals can be calculated at the same time in
     different windows) and this 'Click and Zoom' (just double click
     onto an interesting point of the fractal and the program will
     zoom in...)


     - Amiga OS2.0

     - FPU (68881/68882/68040)

     - 1 MB RAM just to run.
       If you want to calculate and save, say, a 640x480 fractal in
       24 bit, then you will need more RAM (1.2 MB just for the

     - Harddisk not required.

     - reqtools.library (included in the archive),

     - Installer from Commodore (not included) 

     - amigaguide.library from Commodore (not included).


   ChaosPro: (460342)

   English Documentation: (121769)


        ChaosPro is on the Amiga Magazine Public Domain Diskettes.
        The complete (and only the complete!) Amiga Magazine PD-Disks 
        are freely distributable.
        ChaosPro Copyright (c) 1995 Martin Pfingstl


     Because only the original Amiga Magazine PD-Disks are freely
     distributable, I wasn't allowed to change their contents to add
     the english documentation. So the english documentation is found
     separately. If you want the english documentation, you have to
     download it from the directory /pub/aminet/docs/hyper/CProEng.lha
     and CProEng.readme