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  PC-TaskDemo 3.10




  Chris Hames

  Published exclusively by:

    Quasar Distribution
    P.O. Box 188
    Victoria      3192

    Phone +61 (0)3 583 8806
    Fax   +61 (0)3 585 1074
    BBS   +61 (0)3 584 8590

    AmigaNet:	Justin Deeley @ 41:300/584.0


  PC-Task 3 is the first and only software 80286 emulator for the Amiga
  range of computers, allowing you to run MS-DOS sofftware, incuding MS
  Windows 3.11 (see below).

  The following features are included in this release:

  - Switchable 8086/80286 emulation
  - Support for up to 16MB RAM (15MB extended) of PC memory
  - Up to 2 floppy drives and 2 hard drives supported
  - Supports hard disk files and hard disk partitions
  - High density floppies and CD-ROM support
  - Select from MDA, CGA, EGA, VGA and SVGA (512K-2MB) video modes
  - Support for up to 256 colours on AGA machines (32 on Old/ECS machines)
  - Compatible with graphic boards (eg. EGS Spectrum, Picasso)
  - Parallel, Serial and PC speaker emulation
  - Mouse support, including Serial Mouse emulation
  - Run multiple PC-Task processes on the same machine
  - Run MS-DOS applications in a window on a public screen (eg. Workbench)
  - Transfer files between your Amiga and MS-DOS
  - Support for David Salamon's GoldenGate bridge cards
  - Compatible with MS Windows 3.0 - 3.11 *

  * MS Windows 3.1 requires 1.5 MB contiguous RAM and sufficient hard disk 
    space (around 10MB)

  NOTE:  Neither MS-DOS or MS Windows are included.

 About this Demo
  This  demo  has  been  released  to give you some idea of the speed and
  functionality  of  the  PC-Task  package.   You will not be able to run
  software that needs to write to disk (such as MS Windows, FDisk, Format
  etc.).   This  demonstration  version  is  a  generic  680x0 version of
  PC-Task  and  is  considerably  slower  than the full 68020_60 specific
  version.   We  estimate  that the demo is 25% slower on a 68020/30, 20%
  slower on a 68040 and very much slower on a 68060 (due to the 68060 not
  having one often used instruction inbuilt anymore).

  The  full  package  contains  the  following  features  which have been
  removed from this demo:

  - A comprehensive user reference manual
  - Writing to Floppy/HardDiskPartition/HardDiskFile enabled.
  - Parallel port emulation enabled.
  - Optimized version for 68020 and higher processors
  - Turbo Version (requires 4x RAM for speed increase)
  - The hardfile.device so you can use a Filesystem to access your PC-Task 
    or Bridgeboard HardDiskFile from AmigaDOS.
  - An MS-DOS program to copy files from AmigaDOS to PC-Task
  - An MS-DOS program to copy files from PC-Task to AmigaDOS
  - An MS-DOS program to show AmigaDOS directories under PC-Task
  - An MS-DOS program to quit PC-Task
  - An MS-DOS program to start the mouse driver
  - A CD-ROM driver allowing access to CD-ROMs under PC-Task's emulation


  PC-TaskDemo 3.1 is available from the following sources:

    AmiNET and its mirrors   /misc/emu/PC-TaskDemo31.lha 91048 bytes
    The Galaxy BBS (Quasar Support BBS)
    Authorised Distributors (see listing below)  

  PC-Task 3.1 is available from Quasar Distribution, Authorised
  Distributors and their dealers.  PC-Task is available as:

        PC-Task 3.1     - PC-Task 3.1 English program and documentation
        PC-Task 3.1 DEU - PC-Task 3.1 German program and documentation
        PC-Task 3.1 VF  - PC-Task 3.1 French program and documentation

  PC-Task 3.1 is NOT available directly from Chris Hames


  Current pricing from Quasar Distribution is:

        PC-Task 3.1             AUD $129.00 
        Shipping (all orders)   AUD $ 10.00

  Quasar Distribution are able to accept payment in the following forms:

        Visa / Mastercard (please include expiry)
        International Money Order (made payable to Quasar Distribution)
        Bank Draft (made payable to Quasar Distribution)
        Cash (we don't recommend sending cash through the mail)

  Orders should be forwarded to Quasar Distribution at the address below.

  Please contact your local Authorised Distributor for local pricing and 


  All  users  of  PC-Task  V1-V2  registered  with  Chris Hames or Quasar
  Distribution should have received notification by mail of this upgrade.
  With  the  V3  release  ALL  support  and  upgrades for PC-Task are now
  handled by Quasar Distribution.

  Users  of  the  Quasar Distribution package who have not returned their
  product registration card, should contact Quasar Distribution, or their
  local authorised distributor for upgrade pricing and availability.

  Purchasers  of  the  DevWare  PC-Task 2 package in North America should
  contact Quasar Distribution for current upgrade policy and pricing.


  Australia & New Zealand (and anywhere else not listed)

    Quasar Distribution
    P.O. Box 188
    Victoria  3192

    Phone +61 (0)3 583 8806
    Fax   +61 (0)3 585 1074
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    44799 Bochum 1

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    Fax   +49 (0)234 7 20 60

  North America

    Wonder Computers Inc.
    1301 Richmond Road
    Ottawa, Ontario
    Canada  K2B 7Y4

    Phone +1 613 596 2542
    Fax   +1 613 596 9349


    Meridian Software Distribution
    East House
    East Road Industrial Estate
    East Road
    London  SW19 1AR

    Phone +44 (0)81 543 3500
    Fax   +44 (0)81 543 2255

  All distribution enquiries should be directed to Quasar Distribution.


  This  demo  distribution  may be freely copied as long as all files are
  included and the following conditions are adhered to.  No more than USD
  $5.00   may   be  charged  for  a  floppy  disk  containing  it.   This
  distribution  is  for  evaluation  purposes  only,  any use beyond that
  requires  purchase  of  the complete PC-Task 3 package.  All references
  describing/advertising  this distribution must clearly state that it is
  a  Demo  version.   This  demo distribution may be freely placed on any
  CD-ROM  as  long  as  the  above  conditions are adhered to.  This demo
  distribution  may  not  be  placed  on any Magazine Cover Disk or Cover
  CD-ROM,  without the express written permission of Quasar Distribution.
  You  may  not  decompile,  dissasemble,  reverse  engineer,  modify, or
  translate the program or documentation.