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    Version 1.09


    Ben Vost. email me at:


    AmiTCPHelper is a button-based front end for Internet operations.  You
    can use it to link up, link down, read and send mail, FTP, browse the
    Web and use Gopher.  In addition to these features, you can also use
    Ping and Finger and synchronise your computer's clock to another
    machine.  AmiTCPHelper also lets you select between different
    newsgroups and also lets you edit important files without you having to
    go looking for them (ie.  your dialscript, datestamp, newsgroups,
    aliases, etc.).  AmiTCPHelper is very configurable letting you set its
    window position and what programs you want to use for all its features.


    New to version 1.09 are the following features:

    Added startnet script editing in the Edit menu.  Added IRC and Prefs
    buttons to the interface which has been jiggled to fit the new buttons
    in without requiring more space.  The Prefs button doesn't work at the
    mo, but will eventually let you edit TCP-related ENV variables and the
    co-ordinates and size of the windows that AmiTCPHelper opens amongst
    other things.

    The Get News button now works!  Hurrah!

    Multiple mail folders.  If you have more than one mail folder,
    AmiTCPHelper asks which one you wish to enter.


    The only special requirement I can think of is the fact that you really
    need AmiTCP to use this tool, but just so you know, it has been tested
    on a PAL Amiga 3000T which PicassoII, 2MB Chip, 16MB Fast, blah, blah...


    AmiTCPHelper is available on the Aminet in two versions.  One version
    is for people who don't have CanDo.library v 3.6 the other is for
    people who do have it (if you already have the library, then you can
    get the NoLb version):


    AmiTCPHelper is nominally shareware, although nothing has been disabled
    and there are no annoying requesters.  The fee is 10 UK Pounds.


    AmiTCPHelper is copyright Ben Vost 1995.  It's shareware fee is 10 UK
    Pounds.  AmiTCPHelper comes with CanDo.library version 3.6 which is
    copyright Inovatronics.


    AmiTCPHelper was written (using CanDo) for use with Demon Internet
    Services dialup account facility but with a bit of tweaking it should
    work with any account provider.  Please send me details if you want
    AmiTCPHelper to work with a different account provider's setup.