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Final Writer Section Script




Jernej Pecjak


Note: Every version of this script has more and more options, not all
related to sections. After version 1.20 this script will change it's
name to Final Writer Professional Script 1.30. Just thought you should

Adding new sections and deleting old ones in Final Writer does
unfortnately not work as I expected. When you add new section between
existing ones, all the graphics is moved to wrong sections. What this
script does is:

1. Implement a TRUE Add and Delete of sections
2. Implement a "copy"and "move" for sections from one place to another
3. Swap two sections in a document


Changes since version 1.00:

NEW FEATURE! Added commands for working with master pages:

! Copy from left -> right or right -> left master page
! Move from left -> right or right -> left master page
! Copy between master pages of two sections
! Move between master pages of two sections
! Option to delete the destination master page when copying or moving
! Swap left and right master page (used to correct the `master page

NEW FEATURE! Added a security requester for saving document before
making changes (this was already done in the evaluation version, but
not in the registered one)

BUG FIX! There was a nasty bug when adding and removing sections! All
the imported graphics was changed to SAVE GRAPHICS, even if you had
SAVE LINK enabled. On large documents this increased the document size
very much if you used the option SAVE LINK (most of us do). This is
now corrected

BUG FIX! Another bug when adding sections. If you used more than one
word or a word with special characters (., etc.), new section wasn't
created and the graphics were made wrong

IMPROVED FEATURE! Made corrections to this manual. I hope all of the
typing errors are also corrected by now :-)


You must have Final Writer 1, 2 or 3


FTP/Internet: AmiNet and mirrors (11715)


15 DEM or 10US$ must be sent to my address:

Jernej Pecjak
PP 23
61104 Ljubljana

After doing so, you will receive your registered version by e-mail (if
you don't have access to internet, read the documentation by the
script of how to order. You will get the latest version with all the
features enabled and will get all the updates free of charge. You will
also receive 3 short scripts for proper Bold, Italic and BoldItalic
(working with all the fonts, not just Nimbus Q ones). I plan to
upgrade this script even further, so contact me for any info you would


Version found on aminet is shareware. Many features are crippled, so
they don't work. Registered version is copyright by Jernej Pecjak
1995. You may not modify the script, you have to contact me (the
author) if you found a bug (in shareware or registered version)