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     Version 1.12 (March 28, 1995)


     Fourth Dimension Software
     95 Quincy Bay, Winnipeg, MB
     Canada, R3T 4K2
     (204) 275-1149


     Brian D. King


     This software provides a useful and usable front-end for
     Stephan Boberg's LHA software.  Since LHA is CLI-based,
     the beginning user is often intimidated by the program's
     interface.  By providing a useful, yet simple, graphical
     user interface (GUI) to the LHA software, this application
     makes the use of LHA much simpler for the average user.

     ** NOTE **  This software does not provide the transparent
     use of LHA archives as directories or volumes on the Amiga.

     Some of the key features of LhA-GUI are:
     - Amiga User Interface Style-Guide compliant
     - Font and screen adaptive without using any external
       libraries.  No MUI, Triton, BGUI, etc. is needed.
     - Hierarchial (directory tree) listing of an archive's
     - Drag and drop support (AppWindows and AppIcons).  Simply
       drop an LHA archive's icon onto the LhA-GUI interface,
       and the archives contents are displayed.
     - Iconification support.
     - Notification support.  If the user changes their Workbench
       settings (screen-mode, font, overscan), LhA-GUI knows it,
       and re-adjusts accordingly.
     - Viewing support (including MultiView under OS-3.x).  You
       can simply double-click on an an entry in an archive, and
       it will automagically be extracted to a temporary location,
       and viewed using MultiView.  Thus, you can read/view part
       of an archive, without extracting the complete thing.
     - Preferences settings for LHA options, default directory,
     - Under 50K in size.


     New in this version (1.12) are the following bug-fixes and
     - Online AmigaGuide-based help (OS 3.x only, for now).
     - Eliminated Enforcer hits.
     - Fixed iconification, notification, and archive extraction
     - Enhanced AmigaGuide documentation.


     AmigaOS 2.1 or higher, PIPE: device mounted, LHA executable
     in your path (registered or unregistered will work).


     Any Aminet site, in pub/aminet/util/arc directory.
     File: LhA-GUI-1.12.lha
     Size: 37671 bytes


     Gift-ware.  Suggested gift is $5 US, or simply some e-mail.


     LhA-GUI is gift-ware.  Freely distributable via CD, disk, FTP,
     or any other form.  No profit may be made with the distribution
     of this software, and I must be contacted first before it is
     used on any cover-disk or CD as an archive front-end.
     LhA-GUI, (C)1994-1995 by Brian D. King, Fourth Dimension Software.