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             Deluxe MIDI Converter by Nick Didkovsky
                 (C) 1995 Didkovsky/NerveWare

      Create a MIDI file from any Deluxe Music 2.0 score

* Deluxe MIDI Converter translates your DMusic2 scores to MIDI files.

* The MIDI file is meticulously crafted, properly translating all 
  durations, tuplets, dynamic markings, ties, instrument changes, and 
  play styles.

* Export your Deluxe Music compositions to high end sequencers like 
  "Bars and Pipes Pro" and "KCS" on the Amiga.  

* Cross platforms: Deluxe MIDI Converter has allowed our users to 
  easily transport their compositions over to Cakewalk, Metro, and 
  Vision.  Any sequencer on any platform that can read "Type 1" MIDI 
  files will work.

* Export your Deluxe Music 2.0 compositions to high end music 
  publishing software.  Our users have successfully transported their 
  Deluxe Music scores to serious publishing software like Finale 
  (Mac), and SCORE (IBM family).  Deluxe MIDI Converter makes it 

* The MIDI file contains an extra "conductor track" which contains 
  tempo changes and time signature changes for smooth and accurate 

         About Deluxe Music 2.0 and Deluxe MIDI Converter

     A MIDI file is a music file written in a standard format recognized by
hundreds of music programs on a wide variety of computers.  Any program
that knows how to import a MIDI file (most do) doesn't care whether it came
from a MAC, an Amiga, and Atari, or an IBM.  It is a file format that is
the key to transporting musical work across computer systems and programs.

     Deluxe MIDI Converter reads in your entire Deluxe Music score via
ARexx.  It then automatically converts the score to a meticulously crafted
MIDI file.

     No ARexx programming required.

     You will be able to play back your score with Amiga sequencers such as
Dr.  T's "KCS" or Blue Ribbon Soundworks' "Bars and Pipes".   Other
programs on other platforms, like Cakewalk for the IBM family of computers,
will be able to play and edit it, too. 

     If professional scoring is your interest, you should know that high
end music publishing software such as Finale on the Mac, and SCORE for IBM
compatibles import MIDI files, offering you the possibility of producing
professional, publishable scores.

                         System Requirements

To use Deluxe MIDI Converter, you need:

* An Amiga with at least 1.5 megs ram, running WorkBench 1.3 or higher
* Deluxe Music 2.0
* ARexx running on your Amiga

************************ TO ORDER DELUXE MIDI CONVERTER ***************

Send $49.95 plus $2 shipping to:

                             Didkovsky / NerveWare
                          118 East 93rd Street, Apt 9C
                                  NYC NY 1O128
                              (212) 369-1733 voice
                               (212) 996-4214 fax

Deluxe MIDI Converter is a registered trademark of Didkovsky/NerveWare.
Deluxe MIDI Converter is copyright (C) 1995 Didkovsky/NerveWare.  
All rights reserved.