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==                     FTP and Product Announcements                     ==

     Aminet Charts       Aminet Charts for April 2, 1995

     Aminet Charts       Aminet Charts for April 9, 1995

     MouseClock 2.0      Use a battery-backed clock calendar

       HZview1.0b        Chinese Guo Biao text viewer with GUI

       ZShell 2.4        Replacement shell for AmigaDOS

     Amiga Elm 5.42      E-mail reader for the Amiga

      Aminet CD 5        The newest CD from Aminet

 A4000 Hardware Guide 2  Describes A4000 technical details

 A1200 Hardware FAQ 1.0  Answers common questions about the A1200

    ChaosPro 1.0.180     Fractal generation and exploration

      TSMorph 3.2        24 bit color morphing with animation

 Deluxe MIDI Converter   Converts DMusic2 scores to MIDI files

      LhA-GUI 1.12       Front-end for the CLI-based LHA utility

      ppunpack 1.0       PowerPacker decruncher written in portable C

        IPR 1.0          Demo release of image processing package

 AMUC CDROM 2 Disk Set   Some of the best of the AMUC Express BBS

    ToolManager 2.1a     User menus, AppIcons, Docks, etc.

    BlitzBlank 2.50      Modular screen blanker with 29 modules

   Conversion 0.9beta    Converts between metric and english units

       ADtoHT 2.0        Converts autodocs and C header files

     KingFisher 2.8      Software catalog maintenance and search tool

    HTML-Heaven 1.1      Suite of four programs to make HTML easy

        ROBODoc          Autodocs program with multiple-type output

   InfraRexx 1.5/3.1     An ARexx-Infrared interface for the Amiga

   FW Section Script     Final Writer utility script

      APlayer 1.21       Music player that works on WB2.0 again

    GroupEditor 1.01     Buttonbased newsgroup editor

     AmigaBase V2.1      Programmable database with GUI

   AmiTCPHelper 1.09     Button-based front end for Internet

      MagicCX 1.1        Commodity and system enhancer

    PC-TaskDemo 3.10     Demo of the software 286 emulator

   PC-TaskPatch 3.10     Patch upgrade to version 3.10

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