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From: Miss J G Brandon <>

Where, in the UK, can one get a simple three button Amiga mouse?  I've
been hunting for AGES (many months) but the only choice I have is
apparently a 3 button optical mouse from golden imagine (featuring the
extra expense due to the optical mechanism.)

I have a nasty little microswitch hacked onto my normal Amiga mouse, and
am running MMBShift, so that I can do multiple selections on workbench
without playing with the keyboard.

In dedicated computer shops, the shop-owners refuse to believe that
Amiga's can use a 3rd button, and tell me that 3-button Amiga mice do not
exist - which is why they don't stock such things, the same men [yes,
invariably the shop 'experts' who talk down to me as if I didn't have a
clue tend to be men] often accuse me of talking complete rubbish!

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Subject: MUI
Reply-To: (Carl Butler)

Dear Jason,

Was saddened to hear of the demise of AmigaWorld.  Living in the Virgin
Islands there are no local help sources on running the Amiga and all it's
capabilities.  Everything I learn is through reading and experimenting.

For example....  It took me a while to configure my SCSI system before I
was satisfied with its compatability with my new sw/hw set-up.  I have a
new (used) Amiga 2000HD which had a 2091 controller that would not accept
a CD Rom drive (NEC CDR-210) and really balked at my old Syquest 44.  The
Syquest ran ok on my A500 with an IVS Trumcard (GrandSlam).  I also had a
40M Quantum in the Trumcard.  They ran quite well together even using a
trial version of SID2 to do my serious directory work.

When I upgraded to the A2000 I also purchased a registered version of
SID2.  I really wish I had kept a log of the various configurations I
tried.  The system would not work with the Commodore 2091 controller as I
mentioned before.  So I took the GrandSlam out of the A500 loaded it up
with 8MB of ram and replaced the 2091 with it.  I put the CDRom in the
internal 5 1/4 slot, a Seagate 341M on a hard card that I jury rigged and
attached to the back of the controller.  I took the 52M Quantum that came
with the 200HD off the 2091 and put it on the 3 1/2 shelf next to DF0. 
Next I found a 4 slot SCSI cable and got everthing connected.  The Syquest
I am running externally off one of the controller card jacks.  The only
problem I still have is that the SCSI system sometimes "locks up".  The
drive lights on all units light and I have to "cold re-boot" to get
working again.  It seems that, but I am not sure yet, that opening a drive
when the IVS card is checking for disk changes, it gets confused and does
its "thing".  This also sometimes happens when I "snapshot" a window.

I installed a CSA Derringer 030/25/6882/25/4m and so far have had no
problems.  AIBB says my system compares to a 3000, which was about what I
expected.  I am contemplating upgrading to 2 meg of chip ram and maybe a
30 mhz Derringer board.

Anyone wanting to compare notes on Syquest scsi configuration especially
using IVS Trumcard devices...  please feel free to to contact me at my
internet address below.  I feel satisfied with how my SID2 works with both
Syquest & CDRoms.


Carl Butler
Loyal Amiga User to the end!
internet address