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==  compt.sys.editor.desk                           By:  Jason Compton   ==

All right!  Just days away from the Commodore International Liquidation
Failsafe date!

Any objection to the Commodore asset sale process has to be filed by this
Thursday at 5:00 PM EST.  As I write this, that's less than 72 hours away.

In theory, after that, there is nothing short of abject and total disaster 
that could delay the April 20th auction.


I will endeavor to put out a special edition after the US court delivers
its decision.  AR 3.09 will probably be delayed until after the Bahamas
court decides, unless I decide that's just taking too long.

In other news...officially, Amiga Report has started taking advertising.
Sound Concepts breaks the ground this issue.  I strongly encourage readers
to at least give reading them a chance.  It's gotten to the point where
it's not fun operating in a debt.  At the same time, with Amiga resources
dwindling (Amiga World has died, Amiga Pro has gone the same way), it's
becoming harder for vendors to reach their customers.  Amiga Report, with
worldwide distribution, seems a logical choice to fill in the void.

Late breaking stories that there are no press releases at present for

NewTek's new product, a SCSI-II box designed to house a new Toaster card
and a Flyer for connection to an Amiga or PC.  Price: $8,000 ($3,000
without the Flyer).  Two drive bays (no drives supplied), can run in the
field on a lead-acid battery.  A computer with a 5 inch LCD screen is
available to do some field effects for $2000 extra.

SoftWood, Inc.  (makers of the Final Writer, Data, and Calc products) has
apparently signed on as North American distributors for Phase 5/AS&S
products, including the CyberStorm and CyberVision 64 cards.

So...don't book the band for the post-buyout party just yet, but stay


P.S.  Thanks to the kind souls who have offered to get off of the mailing
list.  We've started up a special "notification list" so that readers who
get AR through FTP or WWW will know when a new issue is out.  If you want
to switch, just let me know.  (anybody who offers to get off of the main
list will be automatically placed on the notification list)