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                             IMAGE STUDIO 1.2
                              Jason Compton 

I tell you, image processing packages are getting to the point where
they're a dime a dozen.

You've got the high end packages like ImageFX and Photogenics.  But what if
you don't need 24-bit painting, or don't happen to want complex lens flare
and radial star capabilities?

Enter Image Studio-the low cost shareware image processor.  For low-cost
image format conversion with some neat effects added as a bonus, you won't
get much better.

Image Studio will run on virtually any machine with one meg-a 68000 version
is available.  However, for the larger files, you'll be wanting a large
hard drive-particularly to assist in IS' built-in virtual memory.  WB 2.04
is the minimum OS.

The program works its magic on a standard public screen, where images can
be loaded in up to 256 colors, depending on system configuration.  24-bit
card support is implied, but only in render mode (using an external viewer
to display the work-in-progress).

The picture can immediately be saved off in another format, if you so
desire.  JPEG, GIF, IFF, Targa, BMP, EPS and Targa are supported.  All of
these save EPS can be loaded, but any datatype is supported for loading.

If you decide you'd rather play around, you may crop the image, alter the
palette (if it is not a 24-bit image), apply emboss, raise, blur, sharpen,
or edge detect algorhythms, or execute a small list of effects, including
flip, roll, and pixelize.  The interfaces are all GUI'ed and simple to use.

IS supports multi-level undo and redo.  Its limited range of convolves can
be edited using the standard 5x5 matrix with div and bias values, as found
in packages such as Personal Paint.

Am I impressed with this package?  In short, yes.  For half the price of
Transition, Image Studio delivers much more.  The pictures can be
manipulated in an adequate range of ways, the zoom function is superb (I've
nailed it down to 2 pixels), and of course the interaction with the images
is visible to the user rather than hidden behind a control panel with no
internal or external viewing capability.

As far as standing up to programs such as Photogenics and ImageFX...well,
no, of course not.  The authors readily admit this program is intended for
the amateur.  If you need a handy conversion, or perhaps would like to trim
some excessively large JPEGs, this is the package for you.

The one thing Transition DOES have in its favor is batch processing, but
with ARexx support at the top of the "to-do" list, the saving grace is on
its way.

Image Studio: 10UKP/US$20
Andy and Graham Dean
14 Fielding Avenue
SK12 1YX