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   Version 1.03, release 1                               Updated 22/1/95

[These two documents, 'An Introduction to the Users Standards Group' and
'An Introduction to USGNet' were both written by P.  Bornhall.  - Ed]

* What is USG?

    USG is a non-profit organisation of users who are willing to support
and aid in the development of quality software and standards.  As such, USG
and USGNet will help developers with ideas to make their product appear.
USG will help with suggestions, tips, technical details, as well as provide
betatesters for these products.  Developers connected to USGNet will also
find it useful to set up their own echo, which will provide them with even
more help in finding the "right way" for their software/standard.  USGNet
is explained in more detail in its own, soon to be released,

* What are the goals with USG?

    USG's goal is to provide a stable base for developers to get their
products tested and to provide the end-user with a simple way to let the
developer know what they think of their product.  USG will also help
developers to find betatesters for their product.  USG will also support
developers as a sort of quality-assurance.

* Why USG?

    Well, that is up to you.  If you have ever developed something, you
might know the amount of work involved.  If you also have been betatesting
it, you'll know that there is always one more bug.  USG will not do all the
work for you, but should provide you with enough suggestions and tips to
make it easier from the start.

* Why should you join USG?

    As a developer, to get access to a wide variety of people as
betatesters or for suggestions can provide invaluable information for
further development.

    As a user, you should join USG to support the development of quality
software and quality standards.  As a user, you can also take active part
in the development of said software and standards.  As a betatester, or
just by suggesting things.

    As a member of USG, your knowledge, thoughts and opinions can provide
invaluable help for others, which is one of the goals with USG.

* How does USG work?

    USG as an organisation works by the rule that everyone is equal.  Major
changes regarding USG will be a matter for all members.  For single
developers, they will still have full control of their product.  USG will
serve as a support organisation for the product, if the developer wishes

    Practically, most contact is through USGNet, FidoNet or InterNet.  
USGNet, which is the core of the developer support, is available to anyone,
not just USG members.  But, to get full support and use of USG you will
still have to become a member.  USGNet is a growing net, but will try to be
somewhat faster than existing nets, mainly by not concerning itself with
non-development topics.  For more information on USGNet, see the
'Introduction to USGNet' text.  ['Introduction to USGNet' appears at the
end of this article.  -Jason]

* How do you join USG?

    First of all, joining USG is completely free of charge, and there is no
reason to change this policy.  As a member of USG, you are not required to
do anything, so those who just feels that they want to support the idea
should not be disencouraged.  Also, USG allows entire development teams to
join.  To join USG, fill in the following information;

        Name        - First and last name, or name of development team
        Address     - Withheld from the public eye on request
        Country     - Your country
        Born        - Date of birth, optional
        E-mail      - Any E-mail and/or netaddresses you have
        System      - Platform and system you use
        Products    - Information on any products you are developing

    Also, let us know if you are a developer, if you want to take active
part in development, or if you are just supporting USG.

    If you are interested in becoming a betatester, enclose full details
on your system setup and software.

     Send your membership info to;

        Peter Bornhall                   2:203/623.5@fidonet
        B=E4ck 5                           8:101/100.3@usgnet
        S-46598 NOSSEBRO                39:160/307.3@amiganet


                         AN INTRODUCTION TO USGNET
   Version 1.2, release 1                                Updated 6/3/95

* What is USGNet?

    USGNet is a network aimed at development of standards, specifications
and software.  This means that USGNet will provide a good base for software
developers, development of new standards and other development-related
issues.  USGNet is a net dedicated to computers, an= d the people who work
with them.  This means that the net will not carry any off-topic echos,
concerning for example politics or religion.

* What type of network is USGNet?

    USGNet makes use of the Fido(tm) technology, therefore it is a 'FTN'
(Fido Technology Network).  To join USGNet, your software has to support at
least the technical matters described in the current revisions of the 'FTS'
(FidoNet Technical Standard) documents as supplied by the 'FSC' (FidoNet
Standards Commitee).  Your software should also be able to distribute files
using a TICK-compatible fileprocessor.

* Why USGNet?

    Why was USGNet started?  Well, it began with the birth of the file
description standard invented by the Users Standards Group.  At first, USG
discussed the development of the standard through netmail, but this didn't
allow members to discuss every small idea between themselves, which made
the development slow and cumbersome.  This led to the proposal of starting
our own echomail area, and FidoNet was suggested as the net to use.
However, after several attempts at setting up a FidoNet area, the
suggestion of setting up our own net surfaced.  While still attempting a
FidoNet solution, Micke Persson began research on WHY a USGNet would be a
better solution.  The members of USG then voted on a FidoNet echo or our
own net, USGNet, and the voters chose USGNet for reasons I will explain

* Why start another net?

    Why didn't we go for an existing net, like FidoNet for our echo?  Well,
since most of the members knew FidoNet to be rather slow and cumbersome, we
agreed not to use FidoNet.  We wanted the echomail to be fast, not taking
over a week to reach the majority of the readers.  For developers, this
means that delaytimes will be as small as possible.

* Why not use an existing net?

    Then why not use other existing nets?  Most other nets are somewhat
limited, AmigaNet for example, is mainly for Amiga users.  Of course, there
are nets that could have been used, but they are somewhat anonymous and
tend to be as slow (or slower) than FidoNet.  This wasn't what we were
looking for either.

* What are the main goals for USGNet?

    USGNet will be a net fully dedicated to COMPUTERS.  USGNet will also be
directed towards development of programs and specifications, as well as
discussions regarding computers, hardware and software.  USGNet should also
be the perfect "playground" for betatesting software, with quick responses
from betatesters.  USGNet will probably also aim a little higher regarding
computer-knowledge.  Quality, not quantity.

* Who will benefit from USGNet?

    For example, developers will benefit by having a betatesting echo where
the responses are significantly faster than what other nets provide.  Also,
developers are given the opportunity to coordinate with other developers,
as well as share experiences, tips and hints.

* How do I become a part of UGSNet?

    To become a node in USGNet, fill out the form appended at the end of
this document, and send it to your nearest USGNet administrator.  Ability
to receive crashmail during 24hours per day is a small basic concept your
system has to support to get a node number.  If you can't fulfil this
criteria, the only way to join USGNet is to become a point under an
existing node.

* Who should I contact?

    USGNet Main Administrators:

   RC SWEDEN 8:10/1   Disaster Team's BBS +46-418-36999 (2:200/430@fidonet)
   Host West 8:101/1  Tweed's BBS         +46-322-38805 (2:203/322@fidonet)
   Host East 8:102/1  Arkham Asylum       +46-8-6269355 (2:201/244@fidonet)
   RC NORWAY 8:11/1   Alpha Centauri      +47-31-288542 (39:220/1@amiganet)

    From anyone of these, you can FILEREQUEST the latest nodelist, by using
the magic name "USGNODES", and in the nodelist you can find your nearest
node or administrator (RC/Host/Hub) to contact for more information.

    You can also get the latest version of any textfile concerning USGNet,
(such as rules and specifications) from any node in the nodelist.

    10. USGNet Entry Form

    -- 8< -----------------------------------------------------------------
    USGNet Entry Form                                 Version 1.1 (22.1.95)

                 BBS name :
              Sysops name :
                 Location :
     BBS telephone number :
     Modem speed and type :

       Crashmail accepted :
    Filerequests accepted :

          FidoNet address :

        BBS software used :                           Version :
     Mailer software used :                           Version :
     Tosser software used :                           Version :

    Sysops postal address :
                  Country :

     Voice phone, daytime :
     Voice phone, evening :

     All members in USGNet agrees to follow all current rules and all new
    rules posted by any RC (Region Coordinator).