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                      THE VOICE FROM ACROSS THE POND
   Michael Wolf                 

Hello again,

I'm sorry to say that I had to resign as the european editor for AR, mainly
because I don't have time for it.  I'm finally getting to do some
productions, and since I do my community service at the moment too, time is
precious to me.

Enough drivel though, I have some hot news for you.  It looks like
MacroSystems and AS&S will be the major third party players on the Amiga
market, both are working on some fantastic products.

DSP-Board for the Amiga.

The Zorro-III DSP Board allows you to greatly speed up your Amiga. 
MPEG/JPEG coding and decoding is possible in real time.  The 2-GO! 
processors are freely programmable, so one could use it as a render engine,
port OpenGL to it, do audio processing etc.

The hardware consists of a very fast Zorro-III interface (up to 34MB/sec),
64 bit DSP memory, a 64bit port to the CyberVision64 graphics board and
audio/video in & output.

The board is powered by a DSP (max.  2 billion instructions/sec), a master
RISC CPU (50 MIPS) and a floating point unit (100 MIPS).  This is enough
number crunching power for MPEG/JPEG de-/encoding, or for rendering 750.000
gourard shaded polygons / sec to the Cybervision.

The software is planned to include a MPEG/JPEG tool, interfaces to 3D
renderes and image processors and libraries for you project developement.

The 2-GO!  should be released during the second half of 1995, at a
projected price of DM 4000.- (= US$ 2600).

Real 3D 3.0

The update of Real3D will be available in mid April.  Some of the
highlights are:

- plug-in support for post-processing effects (i.e. lens flares)
- faster rendering
- numeric input for many tools
- background images to align objects
- constraints for object joints.
- new animation methods. (footprints in snow anyone ?).

Registered users will receive an update offer, a bundle with TVPaint 3.0
will be available as well.  Prices are not known yet.