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==  compt.sys.editor.desk                           By:  Jason Compton   ==

Hey!  Even more progress!

The last couple of weeks have been fairly quiet.  But lo and behold, what
did I find when I woke up this morning?  A transcript of the official
bankruptcy court notice of the impending Commodore auction!  (Thanks,

It's confirmed.  April 20th, 1995, is the day Escom's contract for the
purchase of all of Commodore International's assets will be auctioned.  The
deal struck that day will be considered at a court hearing April 21st,
1995...after which, we hope and pray, this 11 month nightmare will be over.

If they keep that schedule, they'll actually beat the one-year anniversary
of the liquidation by just over a week.  Here's to hoping they do.

In other news...want to buy a word processor for $2,250?  Not worth it, you
say?  What if I told you it was for the source code, trademarks,
copyrights, box sleeves, etc. etc. for a word processor?  Interested yet?
If so, check out the New Horizons bankrupcy information in the magazine.
ProWrite, and all of their other products, is for sale.

It seems that Amiga World may not be the only magazine to end publication.
News has reached me that Amiga Revue, a French Amiga magazine, is being put
on hold for a few months and very well may not return.

Also...the Amiga Report e-mailing list is becoming unmanageable.  More to
the point, online services are beginning to forbid us from distributing the
hundreds of megabytes the list requires per fortnight.  So, if you are a
user who could get by on FTP or WWW (Amiga Report can be downloaded
directly from its web site), I would appreciate you voluntarily removing
yourself from the mailing list.  By no means do I want you to stop
reading...but I have to do something, or else AR will be completely
undeliverable via e-mail.  I would like to keep adding the people who have
no other recourse but to get the magazine via mail, though.

Thanks much...and have a good time.


PS: Hey!  I just installed 3.1...why didn't any of you other 3.1 users
point out that AmigaGuide V40 makes AR look "wrong"?  (certain things,
such as a double-backslash, are getting interpreted incorrectly...)

I guess that along with a 3.1 review, I need to come up with some new
ASCII art...