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                          DARKSEID'S PADDED CELL

As the shadows fall under moonlit sky
Creeping silence comes upon this land
Now my friends beware as you walk
Amidst the green and pleasant, for
Strange beasts hoot and grunt 
Outside the barriers of reality
As cold as nite 'tween the stars
More black than souls of the dying
We come upon the strange refuge 
Inside and out
In truth and doubt
Welcome to the Darkseid

Let me take you on a short trip back in time.  We control the vertical we
control the horizontal (unless youve got a 1084s ;) ).dedeedodoo
dedeedodoo dedeedodoo welcome to the twilight zone, the shadowy boundary
between fact and fiction, between C= and Cei, between knowledge and
guesswork.  Watch as the scene unfolds.....

We see a young boy reading his favourite magazine, the words C64 user are
clearly evident at the top of the page.  The magazine is showing the new
wonder machine, it like the C64 is built by Commodore.  But whats this it
costs almost a grand and its not C64 compatible, shock horror, fear and a
sudden realisation that it means none of his games will run.  He wont be
able to play IK, or Gauntlet, or OutRun or KnightLore or Alien8.  What
will he do now.....  Gradually the sceen fades out and time slips forward,
we see the new wonder machine evolve (shouldnt that be devolve ?  :) )
from the A1000, into the creamy 512 Amiga 500 running Workbench 1.2.  It
sold many units and became the home games machine, easily out performing
the Atari St and lesser 8bit machines.  Gradually over time it changes and
develops gaining worbench 1.3, a new model the 1500 then the 2000 business
machines then a spurt when it becomes a cd type machine, one of the first,
ahead of its time.  New and improved models followed the 3000, the fated
600 and the current wonder machines the 1200, 4000-30/40 and the cd32.

Now up to present date the picture shows a company in trouble development
of new goodies on hold.  Rumours and 'information' abound, with specs for
new machines flying about.  The Hombre Chip, The AAA chipset, Hp-Risc,
DSP, CD1200, Windows NT.  The facts indicate that when (Optimistic :) )
the new company release a new machine that it wont really be an amiga.  UH
OH.....  cue scenes of people slashing their wrists cos they cant play
Cannon Fodder on the new machines.  Anyone see the parallel here ????  (no
the new Amiga wont be a parallel processor type) Hang on, wouldnt 4 020s
with an 030 as a controller provide a boost in raw power?  anyone tell me
?  The new Amiga be it AAA or HP-Risc will probably be Multi Platform,
gasp shock etc etc.  As can be seen the Amiga Os is portable, look at the
Amiga clone...  info in a previous AR, Draco.  It doesnt use the same
hardware but bung a grahics card and you can run virtually all serious
AMI_Apps (Inc Gigamem arf arf virtual memory geddit ???  :) ).

Change is inevitable, I for one hope that the new generation machine is
ready sooner than later (Id settle for ready at all :) ).  We had a market
that basically was erroded by complacency, bad marketing (A600 what a
great idea NOT !!) and the rise of the console, and not forgetting Doom of
course Doom made the Pc viable as a games machine overnight, albeit a very
very expensive one....  We have C64/Spectrum/Amstrad/BBC/Psion emulators
on the Amiga, whilst they may not be quick they work...  The new machine
should be able to return the same results we have at the moment on the
1200 with its drastically more powerful/zippy cpu, plus 68020's dont cost
that much,so why not bung one on the motherboard as fall back, esp for the
game console variant.  And with the custom chips as a subchip on the cpu,
current Amiga stuff will very probably run....  (heres hoping).