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I had a chance to chat with Kermit Woodall from Nova Design, creators of
ImageFX 2.0.  Some of the improvements to be included in the upcoming
upgrade (which will be available for free if obtained online, or for a
shipping and handling fee from Nova) include:

Enhanced Toaster support - previews, etc.

Blue/Green Screen Compositing - Full control, soft edging with variation,
image processing-can create alpha channel mask and key out.  Can composite
to self, or put out key and matte.  Can protect foreground colors.

Support for Primera Pro, Picture 310 Fargo printers.

Film grain, sparkle effects.

CyberGraphics 24-bit windowing previews.

The developer information for ImageFX 2.0 should be available now, so it
should only be a matter of time before new hooks become available.