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	Tahoe Software, Etc.
	PO Box 9236
	South Lake Tahoe, CA  96158

	(916) 541-0873 or (916) 649-8935

Great Graphics, low cost!

    QuickText ( $59.95, Tahoe Software, Etc.  ) is an interactive desktop
video program designed to easily develop and display almost any type of
graphic screen, including titles and credits, pictures, and even
animations.  Other features include full ARexx support, auto screen
sequencing, on-screen timer, text and numeric variables, a recordable &
replayable "doodler", and an easy-to-use point-and-click interface.

    QuickText has been used for 6 years in a "down-stream" computer with a
simple genlock in a daily, live newscast and in taping sports events for
local TV cable.

    It can be used as an overhead projector, reader-board, silent pager,
or teleprompter.

	"QT" is made for any Amiga with Workbench 1.2 or higher.  

    You can get a FREE demo from Tahoe Software, Etc., or from the Aminet

   Soon to be released, QuickText PRO will feature remote-control via
modem, time-of-day slots, and tiled backdrops.