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[No, this is not a joke or a fake, unfortunately.  -Jason]

TechMedia Publishing announced that it will cease publication of AmigaWorld as
of its April 1995 issue. The continuing impasse in the Commodore
liquidation--now in its 11th month--was cited as the primary reason. With no
firm prospects for new ownership of the Amiga, and no new Amiga technology
introduced during the past two years, the company felt it could no longer
justify publishing the magazine. Current AmigaWorld subscribers will be offered
a choice of two other IDG publications, both of which contain editorial content
relevant to the needs of Amiga users. An official letter detailing these
choices will be mailed shortly to all subscribers. First published in July 1985
to coincide with the launch of the original Amiga 1000, AmigaWorld is proud to
have covered what many believe to be the most exciting and innovative personal
computer ever developed. We thank all our many readers and supporters for their
dedication over the past decade.


Early reports indicate that current AW subscribers will be offered Amiga
Computing (Amiga Computing's publisher was recently acquired by IDG, AW's
parent) or Digital Video.