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==                             Reader Mail                               ==

From RJMARIER@STTHOMAS.EDU Sat Mar 11 13:07:28 1995

First, I wanted to thank you and all of the rest of the staff of AR for putting
out such a great online mag.  It's a pleasure to read it.  I look forward to
even more of AR (especially since Amiga World is gone)!

Now, I've got a big question for you........  I was wondering if you might
be able to supply me with an e-mail address for Alex Amor and David
Pleasance.  I would more than appreciate it if you could find those

        Thanks very much,
		Robert Marier

-   Well, neither Amor nor Pleasance have direct e-mail addresses.
    Commodore UK can be reached as, and CEI has
    asked that their e-mail address not be released publicly yet, so I'll
    pass anything you want sent to them along.