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                            AMIGA HACK REPORT
  Safe Hex International                            
         The Hack Report              ||    Written by Erik Loevendahl
       for Febuary, 1995              ||
                                      ||          Fidonet : 2:236/116.17
  Safe Hex International Support BBS: ||          Amiganet: 39:141/127.17 
                                      ||          Telefax : +45 5599 3498 
  DAN BBS: +45 43621655  V-Fast 28.8  ||
  Formuala II: +45 43433463 Everyth.  || Henrik Lauridsen Internet support:
  Lars Stockholm Packet Radio support:|| Benny Petersen Cbmnet support:     
                                      ||  Number 2
  Released by Safe Hex International  ||  Report Date: Feb 27, 1995
  Welcome to the second issue of The Amiga Hack Report.  This is a series of
  reports that aim to help all users of files found on BBSs avoid
  fraudulent programs, and is presented as a public service by the
  FidoNet, Internet and Amiganet International E-mail echos.
  Thanks  to everyone who has helped put this report together, and to those
  that have sent in comments and suggestions.
  NOTE TO SYSOPS: The Hack Report may be freely posted as a bulletin on
  your BBS, subject to these conditions:
             1) the latest version is used,
             2) it is posted in its entirety, and
             3) it is not altered in any way.
  NOTE TO OTHER READERS: The Hack Report (file version) may be freely
  uploaded to any BBS, subject to the above conditions, and only if you do
  not change the filename.  
  The author is not responsible for any loss of data nor is he responsible
  for any information if it isn't correct. This list is made as a help and
  a lot of work is done to validate all the below mentioned informations to
  be so correct as possible, but who knows? .....
  The idea is to make this information available freely.  However, please
  don't cut out the disclaimers and other information if you use it, or
  confuse the issue by spreading the file under different names.  Thanks!
  If you see other fake or trojan versions NOT listed here, please contact
  one of the above supporters or myself so that we can keep this listing up
  to date.
                                                      Erik Loevendahl
                           HACKED AMIGA PROGRAMS
  Here are the latest and most common versions of some programs known to 
  have hacked fake or trojan copies floating around.  Archive names are
  listed when known, along with the person who reported the fraud. (thanks
  from us all!).
   20-03-94  X-Copy 8.5 66424 bytes is a trojan. Installs the  Fmfoj Xjsvt
             v2.2 (Eleni) boot virus, which can damage your harddisk.
   17-05-94  Decompiler (Autoboot Disc Creator), 53.992 bytes is a trojan.
             Renames your harddisk directories. Reported by W. Gorzkowski.
   25-05-95  Hacker 20.980 bytes unpacked is said to optimize your modem 
             settings, but in fact it is a trojan
   05-06-94  DMS 2.13 92.440 bytes packed in a file named "Dms213ur.lha" 
             will format your harddisk. Reported by Kim B. Jensen.
 * 15-06-94  NoCare27.lha 28.848 bytes unpacked will delete your HD files.
   18-06-94  DMS2.12 lha, Device-Masher System, DMS/FMS-Masher 2.12 Extra
             Turbo 92.208 bytes is a fake.
   20-06-94  Ua62.lha,  Ua-dialer v6.2 26828 bytes PPacked, 51956 bytes 
             unpacked is said to damage your S/Dir.
   22-06-94  Mformt12.lha, Mformat 1.2 unpacked 25168 bytes is said to
             format harddisks after 8. floppies. Reported by Gerard Sens
 * 02-07-94  NCOmm 3.09 221.056 bytes is said to be a trojan, which
             installs the eleni virus, that can damage your harddisk.
   07-07-94  Hd_speedup.exe, 6252 bytes unpacked found in "HD_Speedup.lha"
             will damage your harddisk. Reported by Steen Brusgaard.
   15-07-94  Clx_doom.lha, Doom 32020 bytes is a nasty trojan, which change
             your assign and setpatch command. Reported by Edwin Leenders.
   23-07-94  Elien_virus_checker 0.1 is  nasty  trojan. Found in a file
             called "elien.exe". 1016 bytes PPacked, 596 bytes unpacked.
 * 02-08-94  Esp-dmpd.lha (DiskMaster 2 PAL Fix) is said to contain a
   09-08-94  God-j12.lha, JiZaNSi 1.2 - IFF 2 ANSI converter 22.008 bytes
             unpacked is a trojan. Reported by Peter Hansen.
 * 24-08-94  Viewtek22.lha 93.844 bytes contains a link virus. Reported by
   01-09-94  Dskslv3.DMS. Disksalv 3.01 106584 bytes unpacked is said 
             to be a trojan. Reported by Dave Haynie.
   08-09-94  Vmk30.lha, Virus Memory Kill V3.00 2620 bytes is a trojan
             which will damage your harddisk. Reported by Chris Hames
   30-12-94  Surprise.exe 39296 bytes is spread at a demo at "The Party 94" 
             in Denmark will damage your harddisk. Reported by Benny Petersen 
   31-01-95  VZII-114.lha is a fake version. Please use the new version
             VZ-115.lha 128182 bytes (unpacked 74028 bytes).
   01-01-95  DMS206.lha and CRY_206 contain DMS206.exe is a BBS infiltrator 
             program. Use the latest >original<... DMS 2.04 (96284 bytes).
   13-01-95  IStrip21.lha unpacked 12212 bytes is an infiltrator program
             which place BBS in download dir named "eatme.lha".
   06-02-95  The Achtung.exe demo in the GATH95-!.lha archive will format
             your harddisk. Reported by John Vickers.
   27-02-95  The Commander virus is to this day spread in the folowing files:
             dagis!up.exe, Denistro_1.exe, Denistro_2.exe, mn-acid.exe,
             Vampire.exe, Dpl-Mam1.DMS, Dpl-Mam2.DMS, Removcmd.lha
  The above marked * trojans or fake versions isn't implementet in the 
  SHI virus killers yet, so please take care and send these trojans for 
  new update to the above mentioned !!.
  A little trick for SysOp's: Print this little list and use it to check 
  your new uploads!!
  Please use this form below if you find some fake versions or trojans and
  send it to Safe Hex Internalional by E-mail or by post.
  --> cut here
                              HACK REPORT FORM:
  ADDRESS:                                   ZIP CODE:
  COUNTRY:                                   PHONE:
  FOUND IN ARCHIVE NAME:                      ARCHIVE DATE:         
  (Why do you think this is a fake or a trojan)
  Possible please send the actual fake or trojan to Safe Hex International!
  --> cut here
Please send the hack or the infected file together with the above report
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            Snaphanevej 10                   Amiganet: 39:141/127.17 
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