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                   FOLLOWUP: IMAGE FX 2.0 BY NOVA DESIGN
                             By:  Jason Compton 

Here we are, back at Image FX 2.0, the comprehensive graphics processing
system.  And, as promised, I've got a little more to say.

I'd say the thing that impresses me most, aside from the actual power of
the system, is the near-total integration of every imaginable act into
ARexx-and the considerate pre-packaging of quite a few of these acts as
included scripts.  Using AutoFX, you can batch process to your heart's
delight.  For a competent ARexx programmer, custom-integrating ImageFX into
your Amiga should be no trouble at all.

Another inclusion of interest is an MPEG processor-turn any sequence of
frames into an MPEG file.  In effect, with relatively little effort, a
mini-movie can be created from your work.

I had brushed over the importance of Cinemorph in the package, but upon
reflection, it's rather nice to have an integrated morphing system packed
in free-and the sample project goes a long way to help the beginner,
allowing you to learn far more than you would if you were just dropped into
the fine art required to put together a nice-looking morph.

I have to admit-it's tough to talk at length about ImageFX.  It's better to
just experience it, as there are just too many features to cover at once.
Rest assured, if you want to do it to a picture, ImageFX will offer you a

Price: Approx. US$250.

Nova Design, Inc.
1910 Byrd Ave.
Richmond, VA  23230
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