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                          REVIEW:  SplatterPaint
                               Jason Compton

There are times you want to come up with a masterpiece-something you want
printed on magazine covers, t-shirts, and framed in a gallery.  Or, a
really incredible picture you can distribute proudly far and wide, knowing
you have composed a masterpiece.  You'll be retouching and retouching with
a graphics package, making sure everything is just right.

Splatterpaint isn't for these times.  Splatterpaint is more for the times
when you've got a lot of random creative energy and don't really want to
get complicated.

Splatterpaint is a free paint package.  No, it's no ImageFX, Photogenics,
Brilliance, or DeluxePaint.  It's really not even a DeluxePaint II.

What it is is a 64-color, 320x200 IFF paint program with some of the
"standard" features (circle, polygon draw, fill, palette selection, etc.)
and the title feature-the splatterpaint, which is essentially three
spray-brushes with a twist, in that they "splatter" outward or downward
across the page.

What's to say?  The painting itself works, although often the "outlines" of
polygons to be drawn are too flickery.  The options and preferences are
somewhat sparse, but it doesn't promise what it doesn't deliver.  The "file
requesting" is thoroughly evil, requiring you to remember the name of
everything, since it's just a line prompt.

The palette changes can get problematic, as some buttons disappear if you
turn their color to black.  Oops.

Splatterpaint was sired by Pete Storonskij, author of such fine games such
as Mangled Fenders and Conundrum.  He once again proves that while he's a
good programmer, he's not much of a documentarian.  The sparse text hypes
the splatter-painter and says that the program contains many of the same
keypresses as DP or Brilliance.  This is not a big help.

Plusses?  It's free.  It's good to just screw around with and come up with
some pictures.  It DOES have undo and a sort of magnification tool.
Minuses?  It doesn't multitask and it's not exactly bogged down with
options.  But the splatter painter IS sort of neat...

Pete W Storonskij
Incinerplex Games
200 A street
Lincoln, NE 68502