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                             L I G H T - R O M
In cooperation with Lightwave artist Michael Meshew, Amiga Library Services
is producing a new CD called "LIGHT-ROM".  This is a 650 Mb CD-ROM dedicated
to 3D artists all over the world, and contains Lightwave objects, scene
files, textures, bump maps (JPEG, IFF, & TARGA), fonts, thumbnail
renderings, and text files with advice from the rendering pros.
It also contains a "Showcase Directory", displaying the talents of selected
Lightwave artists from all over the world.
LIGHT-ROM Volume 1 contains the following:
    o   Lightwave 3D scene files,objects, image sequences.  
    o   Imagine objects, surface attributes, and text files for Amiga and
        IBM Imagine artists. (Over 100 megs of objects & text files).
    o   Sculpt 3D objects, readable by Lightwave 3D.
    o   GEO objects, readable by Lightwave 3D and Videoscape 3D.
    o   A collection of textures, images and bump maps in IFF, TARGA, and
        JPEG formats, for use in 3D packages such as Lightwave or Imagine.
    o   A collection of DEM's (Digital Elevation Maps) for use in Scenery
        Animator or VistaPro. Can also convert to 3D landscapes.
    o   An exclusive "Showcase Directory", where Lightwave artists from
        around the world can showcase their talents and skills to the rest
        of the Lightwave community, and advertise their abilities.
    o   A collection of text files covering the Video Toaster and Lightwave,
        from the Internet mailing lists and from various BBS systems.  These
        text files consist of advice and tips from some of the professionals.
    o   Thumbnail renderings of Lightwave objects, images, textures and
        bump maps, included for your convenience.

LIGHT-ROM will be updated at approximately 6 month intervals.  Contributors
will be eligible for a free copy.
The retail price of LIGHT-ROM is $39.95 plus $3.95 for shipping and handling.
Orders can be sent via mail, FAX, email, or voicemail to:
        Mail:   Amiga Library Services
                610 N. Alma School Road, Suite 18
                Chandler, AZ  85224-3687 USA
                VOICE:  (800) 804-0833
        Email:  Overseas orders can be taken by Email &
a credit card. Please ask for exact overseas shipping charges.

For submitting your original work, please request a submissions form from;
        Mail:   Michael Meshew
                Graphic Detail
                4556 South Third Street
                Louisville, Ky. 40214   USA

LIGHT-ROM is currently advertised by several mail orders companies in
AmigaWorld magazine.

[Yes, we've run a press release on Light-ROM before, but hey, they did
give us 10 CDs to give away. -Jason]