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                              Oregon Research


    The new mascot from our telecommunications package "Termite" needed a
name, so in our ads we asked you to submit your ideas for a name for our

    We are pleased now to announce the winners of our "Name That Critter"
contest and would like to thank everyone who sent suggestions.

There were many creative entries and the judging was difficult.  The
winners are:

    Steve Fox of Callaway, FL submitted the winning entry of "Reggie".  
Steve wins a Magnum 28,800 V.FC FaxModem and a copy of Termite.

    Second prize was taken by Dave May, who receives a copy of Termite and
a copy of our new personal information manager, On The Ball.

    Third prize was taken by Ron Ohlendorf who wins a copy of Termite.

    Again we thank everyone who entered, and you'll be hearing much more
from Reggie in the future!

    For more information on Termite, or any Oregon Research product,
contact us at:

              Oregon Research
              16200 SW Pacific Hwy, Suite 162
              Tigard, OR 97224

         Tel: 503-620-4919
         Fax: 503-624-2940


    -- Steven Frank
       Oregon Research