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                  Automated Telephone Information Systems

          TelePro Technologies' DLG Pro BBS/OS Purchased Outright

  /  ) _/_       Automated Telephone Information Systems
 /--/  /  o _    4545 E. SHEA #230   PHOENIX AZ 85028
/  (__(__(_/_)_  602-494-7857   609-957-7045 (fax) 602-494-2620 (Data)

Contact:        Greg Bastow
Telephone:      604-535-9352
Facsimile:      604-535-4329
Fidonet:        1:153/910

For Immediate Release                                   January 1, 1995

 The Premiere Third Party Developer for DLG Professional BBS/OS (DLG) has
purchased all rights for DLG BBS/OS from TelePro Technologies.

              Bold Move Re-Affirms Faith in Amiga BBS Market!

        Phoenix, Arizona - Automated Telephone Information Systems (ATIS)
has purchased TelePro Technologies (TPT) of Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.
ATIS is a software technology company, developing automated solutions to
tedious and expensive business problems, including voice response systems
for use in the research industry under DOS and OS/2 platforms.  TPT is the
original designer and creator of a bulletin board system for the Amiga
platform called "DLG Pro BB/OS" in the late 1980's.

        The purchase of TPT includes all sources and rights to DLG Pro
BBS/OS, the only Amiga "bulletin board operating system" in existence. 
This move signals that ATIS is committed to strongly supporting all
existing users, as well as developing a new generation of software.  This
bold move also signifies a resurgence of interest in developing high
quality, dependable and reliable software for the Amiga platform.  It is
the intent of ATIS to redefine the standards that all bulletin board system
software be judged against.

        ATIS has acquired the entire database of DLG Pro Customers and will
be informing current DLG Pro BBS/OS owners of the new ownership.  This will
also include information regarding software upgrades, compatibility lists,
bulletin board lists, third party developer support and annual newsletters.
Information regarding the imminent release of V2.0, along with a list of
upgraded features will be released very shortly.

        ATIS's development and marketing team consists of Steve Lewis, Greg
Bastow and Jeff Webster.  As the author of DLGMail, selected from among
several Fidonet mail processing software candidates for license and
inclusion with DLG Pro BB/OS by TPT, Steve brings several years of hands-on
experience in working with the software and source code.  Steve also wrote
several other modules under the label of PDQMail Utilities that finish
integrating Fidonet and DLG Pro.

        Greg Bastow was a part of the original beta team for DLG Pro BBS/OS
V1.0, and has pushed the software to its limits running Tunnel-Vision BBS,
a 4 node multiline system with 6.2 gigabytes of storage, 4 CD-ROM drives
and over 700 users - running in 5 networks including Usenet, and operating
as a regional hub in many of these networks.  Greg has also been involved
with numerous beta products over the years and brings his development and
design knowledge with him.

        Jeff Webster is the new recruit into the DLG Pro domain, though he
has always shown tremendous enthusiasm, creativity and skill in programming
the Amiga.  Jeff has been authoring software for several years.

        ATIS is confident that with the development team in place, they
will set new standards that bulletin board system designers of all
platforms will strive for.  Fully expanding and enhancing the already
stable DLG Pro v1.0 product, one that takes full advantage of the many
unique advantages of the Amiga's operating system, is the goal of ATIS.