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Well, the results are in from my survey about who needs IP numbers for FTP
sites.  My thanks to everyone who responded.

My conclusion is that DNS is widely established.  Direct IP numbers are
still needed only in two rare situations: the DNS local installation is
broken or the host is new and the name has not propogated up through the
DNS servers.

Neither of these situations are a real problem for the needs of the readers
of this group.  Most FTP sites are well-established.  Most of the software
goes on Aminet.  People with broken DNS servers can get the numbers from
the list of Aminet sites (which are included in the administrative posts).

Therefore, I will no longer require IP numbers of FTP sites.  If you are
posting software somewhere other than Aminet, I strongly recommend that you
include the IP number.  However, I will no longer require that you do so.

Instead, I will require the more modern URL.  This will make things more
convenient for users of certain software.  It will also make posts a little
shorter.  As an example, one of the archives of this group would be
specified in a URL as:

Further notes:

If your file does happen to be on Aminet, please say so.

Please list the size of your files.  Some of the readers here do their FTP
by mail.  They really like to know what they are getting into.

I'll have the revised administrative posts out soon to reflect these