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TITLE:   Citadel 68K BBS

VERSION: 3.42.P35

COMPANY: Freely supported by:
         Custom Services, P. O. Box 254, Moorestown, NJ 08055
AUTHOR:  Tony Preston

  Citadel is a full featured FREEWARE BBS program.  It is
  the lowest cost way to start running a BBS. Citadel is a
  room oriented BBS program that has many unique features,
  some that even the commercial programs do not have!

  Citadel is available for most platforms, this version is
  Amiga-specific.  Source is available from the Support BBS,
  The Amiga Zone, (609) 953-8159.

  This version is an update for some new features and bug 
  fixes.  Two major improvements in this version are:

  -- Messages are customizable by the Sysop.  About 70%
     of the BBS messages can be tailored.

  -- Message pausing is implemented.

  -- Bug fixes and other minor improvements.

  As always, the file UPDATE.342 is included in the archives
  to detail the changes.

  A Citadel BBS requires 8K of stack, and 300K of memory to
  run.  It can be configured for as small a system as a 512K
  A500 with 2 floppies, but a hard drive and 2 MBs of memory
  are recommened.

  The BBS runs on all models and all versions of the OS from
  1.3 on up.

  LOCATION:,, and other
             Aminet sites. 

 DIRECTORY:  Aminet sites: /pub/aminet/comm/bbs
      C342P35.LHA - Full archive, 68000 CPU
      C030P35.LHA - 68020/030 executables only

PRICE and DISTRIBUTABLITY: $00.00, This software is freeware.
  No charge may be made for it's distribution other than a nominal
  fee for the cost of the media.  Citadel 68K and Amiga Citadel
  are trademarks of this version for the Amiga.  Citadel is copyrighted
  and all rights are reserved.  This program may be distributed on
  the Fred Fish collections and on the Aminet CD distributions.
  Donations are accepted, but not required.