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==                     FTP and Product Announcements                     ==

 Aminet Charts - Feb 5   Top downloads for February 5, 1995

    Cardcam: VideoIn     A PCMCIA video capturing card
      RexxOpt 1.7        An ARexx script optimizer
      Elversound         Amiga PCMCIA audio card
     pcmcom.device       PCMCIA driver for modems/serial ports
     New IP policy       Notes from the c.s.a.announce Admins
     AlbIn_MUI v1.0      Record/Tape/CD-ROM/Video database
       Target 2.1        A Workbench game of hitting (surprise) Targets
       GetURL 1.0        Web page downloader
       CompilAIBB        A collection of files created with AIBB
    TimeGuardian 1.2     Reminder, task scheduler, and much more
     PostNewsSpool       Now you can write up your posts while offline
        CDBoot           Boot almost any CD32 game on A1200 or A4000
 Solar System Wars 1.37  Two player spaceship fighting game
     ForceIcon 1.8       Changes AppIcons, CD-ROM icons, etc.
     MUIProCalc 1.5      Calculator with a configurable GUI
      EGSShow 1.2        Graphic viewing program for EGS
      ReKeyIt 2.1        Change the Workbench menu shortcuts
       Aminet Set        The complete Aminet on four new CDs
       T3DLIB R43        Version R43 of 3D object manipulation kit
     KingFisher 2.7      Software catalog maintenance and search tool
    Citadel 68K BBS      Version 3.42.P35 of the BBS software
   HTML-Heaven v1.01     Suite of programs for WWW documents
      GFXBoot 1.0        Easy switching between EGS and CyberGfx
      FrexxEd 1.4        Powerful configurable text editor
     ImageDesk 1.2       Thumbnail generator for pictures
 easyrexx.library 1.78   Easy AREXX port addition to programs
   MultiTool II V2.1     A directory utility
        IPR v1.0         A new graphics-processing utility
     PopPhone 1.70       A compact phone book/address organizer