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==            The Grand Gala Amiga Report 1995 Reader Survey!            ==

It's that time...time for us to figure out how we're doing, what we should
do in the future...basically, the pulse of the Amiga Report public.

Please fill out whatever you like, and get back to us.  Send replies to
 Jason Compton .

And, thanks to Michael Meshew and Fred Fish, TEN Light-ROM CDs will be
given away to ten random readers who respond to the survey.  Even if you
don't own a CD-ROM drive, the CD label is pretty.

Incidentally, everyone who has already submitted a reply IS still eligible.

Replies are due February 21, 1995.  

So, let's get underway.

The best way to answer is to clip these answers out of the document and
answer them below the question.

Part I-Tell us about yourself.

1.  Please tell us what system you use (briefly, we don't need to know
every peripheral and card, just the model number and processor).

2.  Would you consider your machine and your usage to be that of a
high-end, middle, or low-end?

2a. How long have you been an Amiga user?

2b. How many Amigas do you own currently, and how many have you owned

3.  What other Amiga magazines do you read?

4.  How often do you read Amiga Report, and how?  (Are you on the mailing
list, a distribution BBS, FTP, on a non-affiliated BBS...?)

4a. How long have you read Amiga Report?

5.  Do you have full internet access, E-Mail/Usenet, or no internet

6.  Please tell us what country you hail from, and what language or
languages you are fluent in.

Part II-Tell us about the magazine.

1.  What sections of the magazine do you consider the best or most

1a. What sections of the magazine do you consider the worst or least

2.  (For those who have seen earlier layouts) How does the current layout
of the magazine compare to previous incarnations?

3.  How does Amiga Report's feature quality compare to other Amiga
magazines?  (Be as specific as necessary)

4.  Do you feel information is clearly and fairly presented in Amiga

5.  What do you think we're missing?  What would you like to see more of?

5a. On the same token, what do you think we shouldn't have?  What would
you like to see less of?

6.  Of the following sections of the magazine, please indicate how you
feel about them by the following classification-
Always Read / Sometimes read / Rarely read / Never read

News/Press Releases/Features
Reader Mail
FTP Announcements
Dealer Directory
Distribution BBS list

7.  Back in 1993, Amiga Report carried more general-industry news.  Would
you like to see that return?