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==  compt.sys.editor.desk                           By:  Jason Compton   ==

Oh, how many limbs I would give for a resolution to this soap opera that is
the liquidation of Commodore International, Limited and its holdings.

Has anything happened?  Not really.  I haven't received any news from the
UK group.  CEI's Alex Amor has been haggling with his investment group for
the past couple of weeks, and MAYBE will put in a new bid this week.

A new rumor has surfaced about two new bidders.  As of now, I can't confirm
or deny anything, because I haven't even heard the entire rumor yet.

Hoo boy.

In the meantime, Doug MacGregor, President of Commodore Canada, once again
denied that his company was selling newly manufactured Amigas.  In essence,
Commodore Canada is slowly sliding towards the liquidation-they're still
able to pay their bills, but with no new Amigas to sell, it's difficult to
keep running a company that's supposed to be selling Amigas.

In case you sent something to Amiga Report, for my perusal or for the
magazine, and don't see it this issue or haven't seen a response yet, don't
be too upset: we had too much material this issue and my mail
site has been down most of the week.

So, what's on the horizon?  Well, we've got some things in mind for Amiga
Report, both based on the surveys we've seen and our own schemings.
Speaking of which, the survey ends soon, so your last chance to get in your
opinion (and a chance to win a Light-ROM CD) is upon you...

It becomes more and more bizarre...but keep the faith.


P.S. If you had any doubts about Amiga development, check out the FTP
Announcements section.  It's rather large this time around...Also, some of
the prices in the Editor's Choice section have dropped, so if you were
scared away before, give it another look.