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==  The Present, From Where I Sit                     By: E.John Love  ==

I must say that even though our group of tireless Amiga fanatics at TVI
are fairly optimistic regarding the future of the Amiga, I have been
hearing more and more comments like "hmmm...maybe we should take a close
look at the 3DO" etc.  While the CD32 and Amiga 4000 are not exactly
leading-edge technology in their respective markets anymore, they are
still quite capable machines.

The Amiga User in Profile:

It's funny, because while I do get a sense of harsh transitions and final
moments in regards to the Amiga technology and its currently uncertain
future, I also get a sense of continuity and business as usual from
third-party hardware and software manufacturers.  I know that this sounds
quite vague, but I think it represents in some way the remaining strength
of the Amiga market and the users, both professional and amateur alike.  
There's a strong spirit of loyalty and cooperation in many other Amigoids
with whom I've chatted and worked.  Perhaps a little bit of rebelliousness
or irreverence to the mainstream, sometimes outright hostility :).

Generally, whether they are formally educated or self-taught, there is an
exploratory nature - a real curiousity to see what other things their neat
boxes can do.  I think they are encouraged to explore, ask questions, and
find their own answers due to the open-ended qualities of the Amiga
itself.  I guess open-endedness promotes open-mindedness.  (I will not
generalize and make reverse statements about the Mac and IBM - my
experience with them is too brief to give anything but a totally
Amiga-biased opinion.  You can come to your own conclusions.  :))

The Future From Here:

TVI and other Amiga development companies may have to face the reality of
competing for PC/Windows development contracts at some point in order to
survive, there is still a future in the Amiga, both as a development
platform and a presentation platform. 

I have high hopes that we will have the Amiga in our collective future.
It is the over-talented and underappreciated little kid in a big blue
neighbourhood.  Perhaps the wunderkind that all the grown-ups love to
hate.   In many ways, it's a perfect machine for all the mavericks and
explorers who want to define their own boundaries.  Am I beginning to
sound a bit too much like a MicroSoft commercial?  That's ironic isn't it?
About as ironic as an "Aptiva" commercial that sounds as if it were
describing the Amiga 1000.  The Amiga fulfills the needs of a certain
segment of the computing populace, but other platforms are literally
circling over the remains of this fragile marketplace, waiting to fill the

May they not get that opportunity.

E. John Love
TVI Interactive Systems Inc.
Vancouver, B.C. Canada.