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        Paul Kolenbrander

        Email :
        Post  : Postbus 5295
                NL-5603 BD  EINDHOVEN
                The NETHERLANDS

        HTML-Heaven is a suite of three programs intended to make the
        creation and maintenance of WWW (HTML) pages easy. The programs
        in the suite interface with your favorite editor (providing it 
        supports text insertion via ARexx) to provide you with a very
        comfortable working environment. Now inserting HTML commands is
        as simple as pointing and clicking the mouse.

        * Three different programs to choose from. Your environment may
          contain of one or more of these programs.
        * Interfacing with your favorite editor means no need to learn
          how to operate yet another editor. 
        * Using the standard Amiga GadTools interface eliminates to need
          for additional third party libraries.
        * All HTML commands are also available from the menu. Even if the
          program is in iconified mode.
        * All three programs feature identical menu-layout. Making for an
          easy learning curve and intuitive working.
        * The programs will adjust themselves to the default font of the
          screen they open up on.
        * Most popular editors are supported. Such as Ed, GoldEd, CygnusEd,
          EdWord, FRexxEd & SE. Supporting other editors is just a question
          of adapting the sample script as is specified in the HTML-Heaven
          AmigaGuide documentation.
        * A HTML primer in AmigaGuide format is included in the archive.

        Registered users get further features: 
        * Tooltypes/CLI parameters to specify:
          - Public screen to open up on. (Default Workbench)
          - X and Y position to open the window at.
          - X and Y position to iconify the window to.
          - Specify a (fixed width) font to use.
          - Specify which Arexx script to use.
          - Specify the width and height of the window.
        * On-line help. Setting Help in the menu to on, will result in
          a short explanation on any HTML command selected.
        * No 'reminder' requester when the program ends.
        * The use of a key-file means free and easy upgrading by just
          FTP'ing the latest version of the suite. 

        HTML-Heaven requires:

        * Workbench 2.04 or above.
        * Around 500KB of free memory.
        * About 200KB of floppy or harddisk space.

        - (/pub/users/paul/amiga/HTML-Heaven.LHA 91KB)
        - URL
        - and other Aminet FTP site.



        The registration fee for the HTML-Heaven package is as follows:
        - Nederland         Dfl 15,-
        - Europe            DM  15,- / Dfl 15,- 
        - Rest of the World US$ 15.- / Dfl 20.-

        The unregistered version is freely distributable.
        The registered version and it's keyfile are *NOT* freely

        The suite of programs is copyright 1994 by Paul Kolenbrander.

        To encourage their users to register, the freely distributable
        versions does not support any ToolTypes/parameters and will not
        supply on-line help. Furthermore a 'reminder' requester will
        appear on exiting any of the three programs.