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==  Magic Workbench vs. NewIcons                  By:  Katherine Nelson  ==

Alright, not too many people sent me their opinions on this one.  Only 29
people to be exact.  It better be because few people have seen both icon
packages, and not because no one is reading this. :)

Since so few people responded, I've just included the raw scores.

Icon Package  # Votes  Reason
------------  -------  ------
  Newicons      18     More colorful, less "sad", like the color handling

  MagicWB        9     "polished", hate isometric, "professional", no AGA

  Standard       1     Look just fine

  Mac            1     More tasteful

NewIcons were overwhelmingly preferred, but many still swear by Magic

The best solution would most likely be to use the NewIcons system, but have
different "styles" of icons available.  No doubt after some time, this will
happen anyway, with so many icon artists out there.