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==  compt.sys.editor.desk                           By:  Jason Compton   ==


Things just keep getting weirder.

Commodore UK is "making noises" (as Amiga Format's Web page puts it) that
they've got the highest bid.  In the meantime, CEI is all set (so they
say) to submit a new, cash-and-carry bid with a full letter of credit.

In the midst of all of this, the US courts, Bahamanian courts, and
Commodore creitors FINALLY agreed on a protocol-that is, a concrete method
to handle the liquidation.  The decision was to proceed to the auction
phase as soon as possible, and to allow examination up to 12 months into
Commodore's history for mismanagement.

In response, Irving Gould and Medhi Ali have filed a motion to block on the
grounds that they filed for liquidation under Bahamanian law and insist
that it be followed to the letter.  Between the lines, though, is the fact
that Bahamanian law only allows examination 3 months into the past of the
company...and last I checked, Gould and Ali didn't win any "Business
Executive Of the Year" awards.


A rumor also claimed that Commodore Canada was refurbishing machines and
selling them to dealers, promising a 1 year warranty and new machines
within two months.

Well, a representative of Commodore Canada unilaterally denied those rumors
this morning.

So, to sum up, nothing particularly new...unfortunately.

Incidentally, I postponed announcing the next AR Coverdisk this week
because I don't think anybody noticed that it was coming back.

Let me say this again: The mailing list for the disk has been lost, so if
you want to get on, let me know.

For now, that's all.  See you next time...