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==  Review:  GoldFish CD-ROM Volume 2                By:  Jason Compton  ==

Just as GoldFish 1 is to Fish disks, so is GoldFish 2 to Fresh Fish

By that, I mean that GoldFish 2 is a compilation of "The good stuff" from
Fresh Fish discs 1-7.  Unlike buying a single Fresh Fish, this two-disc
set represents more of a general-interest taste.  In addition to the
development tools and such, much of the content is again in "Aminet-ish"
form, and content.  About 400 megs worth uncompressed.

It's a package to consider if you're looking to expand your programming
horizons as well as pick up a few hundred megs of "other" enjoyable and
handy programs.  As a marriage between the two, GoldFish 2 is one to pick.
Still, the same warning I made about Fresh Fish applies: If you're not
going to use the hundreds of megs of source code and libraries, you can
probably get a better deal for yourself elsewhere.

P.S. Fred used a different single-width jewel box to hold both CDs.  This
one is less intuitive and easier to screw up the paper inserts with.

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