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==  Review:  GoldFish CD-ROM Volume 1                By:  Jason Compton  ==

So, you're Fred Fish, compiler of a wildly successful line of floppy
disks.  What do you do now?  I mean, you have a thousand of them, enough
is enough!

What else?  Slap the whole thing on a couple of CD-ROMs and call the
floppy line quits.  GoldFish does exactly that.  In both unarchived and
archived (BBS-ready) setup, you've got all 1000 of the works.

As you might hope, you can use a decent search program to find what you're
looking for, just in case you don't want to drag out magazine listings
from the past 8 years or so just to get a hold of a program...

What else remains to be said?  The two-pack cleverly comes in a single
jewel box, which flips open to reveal both CDs.  (Only egotistic
productions like Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals use those nasty,
inefficient, and storage-system incompatible double-width packs for two
lousy CDs.)

It might just be my imagination, but this set of CDs has a slower response
time on my CD32's drive than any other disc I've ever put in there.  It
might be a result of the often long directories.  Or, quite possibly, it's
my imagination.

If you find that your local BBS'es selection of Fish disks just is too
inconvenient (or, say, they don't have one) and you want a 9-year saga of
history on two small platters, this is a good collection to go for.  And
if you get bored with the selection, you can play with the nifty jewel

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