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==  Review:  Fresh Fish CD-ROM Volume 7              By:  Jason Compton  ==

So, what do you do if you're Fred Fish, founder of a legendary floppy-disk
line and prolific purveyor of CD-ROMs?

You keep making them, of course.  Fresh Fish is Fred's line of CD-ROMs for
people who are looking for something rather specific in a CD.

In this case, if you're looking for Fresh Fish, you're probably a
programmer, or at least somebody who will make something useful out of the
hundreds of megs of GNU source code and Commodore development tools
(V37-V40 of the NDUK material as well as the old RKRMs from a Fred Fish

To keep you busy in the meantime (and fill up space, but shhh, don't tell)
are the entire catalogs of all Fish disks (and other CD-ROM lines), the FTP site snapshot, and a good 100 megs or so of
"useful" programs (conveniently and familiarly set into an Aminet-like
hierarchy.)  In short, this is the way Fred keeps taking the submissions
he originally became famous for, but now there's no hassling with

As a source for development tools, includes, libraries, source, etc. you
can't go wrong.  Entire language compiler packages can be found here.  The
Commodore stuff isn't bad, either...after all, it's not like you can call
up CATS looking for it.  The fact that everything (except some C= material
and some other restrictions) is packed-and-ready for BBSes helps as well.

If you're just looking for "cool stuff on a CD-ROM", though, there are
better choices.

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