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==  Clip Art and Font CD-ROM Roundup                 By:  Jason Compton  ==

Weird Science Clip Art CD-ROM

Aimed at both Amigas and PCs, the 560 megs on here cover a vast range of
formats, from PageStream to Print Shop, with the obligatory load of black
and white IFFs and a generous helping of EPS images.  One nice addition is
the rather large selection of color IFFs and brushes.  For some reason,
most of the color IFFs revolve around animals, and the brushes are
largely either Disney characters or images you might find in a store...

The disc also includes utilities for the Amiga and PC.  The Amiga utils,
largely (if not totally) lifted from the Walnut Creek Aminet CD-ROM (as
the README file suggests) revolve around decompression.  The PC side
includes its own uncompression programs, as well as a couple of low-level
paint programs.

Weird Science Fonts CD-ROM

The logical companion to the above, this 580-meg CD surprisingly enough
has the same utilities directory, you can find the standard Adobe, CG, and
PostScript selections, as well as the "standard" Amiga type, color fonts,
PageStream, PCX, and ProDraw fonts.

The selection is huge, no question about it, but some of the files,
inexplicably, are compressed with LHA.  No huge complaint here, since
after all it means you're getting more font for the space on the disk, but
it strikes me as odd considering that there's still a good 70 megs or so

BCI Clip Art and Font CD

Whereas the Weird Science CDs double-target the Amiga and PC markets, the
BCI CD is presented as Amiga-only.  The clip-art comes in IFF, EPS, and
PCX (which doesn't exactly rule out PC-use), all of it black and white,
and the fonts are Adobe and PageStream-only.  A rather convenient file-
and directory list are included on the main directory, as is a rather
extraneous CRC list.  

Within 540 megs or so is a large enough collection to keep anyone busy for
a time.  

Micro R+D CD-ROM Volume 3-"Publisher's Companion"

This CD is the only one brave enough to stake its Amiga identity clearly
enough to actually use mixed upper-and-lower case lettering.  The 133-meg
package headlines the 600 Amiga Font package, 670 fonts in both PostScript
and CG format, 1200 EPS images, and (of course) a complete boatload of
black and white IFFs.

And, as a bonus to the desktop publisher who doesn't want to spend all of
his or her time desktop publishing, about 20 games are included on the CD.
A nice gesture, and some of the games (MegaBall, in particular) are
actually pretty good.

So, you're looking for an upshot to all of this?  Any of the above four
CDs are going to give you enough to load up your FONTS: and graphics
directories.  The Micro R+D CD was a bit surprisingly small, but also
seems to have the largest "standard" set of fonts in the 600 Amiga Fonts
package.  The BCI disc is well balanced, although the clip art leans
towards the EPS category.  The Weird Science CDs are cornucopias of
whatever could be found, in any category, and not all of it will be useful
to everybody.  But, with such similar prices, the decision is largely up
to the end user.

Weird Science CDs provided by:
NorthWest Public Domain -
P.O. Box 1617
Auburn, WA  98071-1617
(206) 351-9502
Fonts CD: $13.95 + $2.00 shipping ($5.00 outside of the US)
Clipart CD: $13.95 + $2.00 shipping ($5.00 outside of the US)

Better Concepts Clip Art and Fonts CD
10 Mandon Terrace
New City, NY  10956
(914) 639-5095

Micro R+D CD-ROM Volume 3
721 O St.
P.O. Box 130
Loup City, NE